American Region Members Only JAL Hawaii Flights Step-Up Bonus Miles Promotion Celebrating the Launch of the Honolulu - Tokyo (Haneda) Route

Promotion Period

January 1, 2020 (Wednesday) - April 30, 2020 (Thursday) (flight date)

Pre-flight registration

In order to qualify for this promotion, members must register before travel.

Bonus miles cannot be accumulated without registration before travel. Registration after travel is not eligible.

Eligible Members

JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) members in the American Region who have registered for this promotion.

Eligible Routes

The following JAL international routes are eligible for this promotion:

Honolulu - Tokyo (Haneda) route JL071 / JL073 / JL072 / JL074

Honolulu - Tokyo (Narita) route JL785 / JL781 / JL783 / JL789 / JL786 / JL780 / JL 784 / JL782

Honolulu - Osaka (Kansai) route JL791 / JL792

Honolulu - Nagoya (Chubu) route JL793 / JL794

Kona - Tokyo (Narita) route JL779 / JL770

  • Codeshare flights are not eligible

Eligible Booking Classes

First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class with the following booking classes

Applicable booking classes: F / A / J / C / D / X / I / W / R / Y / B / H / K / M / L / V / S / Q / N

  • The use of Award Tickets is not eligible for this promotion.

Promotion Outline

Promotion registration must be completed before departure.

The following bonus miles will be credited to your JMB account if you register for this promotion and fly on eligible routes at eligible fares during the promotion period.

First flight bonus 1,000 miles
Second flight bonus 2,000 miles
Third flight bonus 3,000 miles
Fourth and subsequent flight bonus 4,000 miles

Additionally, if you are not yet a JMB member, an additional 1,000 miles will be credited to your account if you enroll in JMB during the promotion period.

For example, if you travel round-trip on the Honolulu - Tokyo (Haneda) route (JL071 / JL072) in Economy Class (booked in S class):

For JMB Members

Flight Miles Bonus Miles Total

1,916 miles ×2

(50% of Sector miles)

1,000 miles + 2,000 miles 6,832 miles

For example, if you complete two round-trip journeys on the Honolulu - Tokyo (Haneda) route (JL071 / JL072) in Economy Class (booked in Y class):

For new JMB Members enrolled during this promotion period

Flight Miles Bonus Miles Total

3,831 miles ×4

(100% of Sector miles)

1,000 miles + 2,000 miles

+ 3,000 miles + 4,000 miles

+ 1,000 miles (enrollment bonus)

26,324 miles


  • When requesting post-flight credit, flight mileage must be credited by May 10, 2020 to be eligible for this promotion. The associated miles will be credited to JMB accounts at the end of the month following the month in which the post-flight credit was requested (or at the end of May if post-flight credit is requested between May 1 and May 10, 2020).
  • Customers who newly enroll in JMB and fly on a JAL Hawaii route during the promotional period are eligible for the JMB enrollment bonus mile offer.   Pre-registration is also required for flight bonus promotion.
  • New member enrollment bonus miles will be credited to JMB accounts by May 31, 2020.
  • We would appreciate your cooperation in completing the questionnaire sent to you by email after the end of the promotion.
  • If you have not registered a PC email address, please register for the promotion after you have registered your PC email address.
  • Promotion registration is required even if you have already registered for other promotions.
  • Bonus miles credited in this promotion do not count towards JMB FLY ON Point accrual.
  • If you apply for more than one bonus miles promotion for flight miles, the promotion with the higher bonus amount will be applied.

How To Register For This Promotion