JAL Carbon Offsetting

Because CO2 emissions are an unavoidable result of flying, the JAL Group offers our customers the option to offset their carbon footprint through our JAL Carbon Offsets program.

Carbon emissions can be reduced by avoiding activities in daily life that contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2, but where it is difficult to avoid or reduce the activity, carbon offsetting can be used. Carbon offsetting is a way to compensate for those emissions by investing in projects that reduce or absorb carbon emissions.

JAL Carbon Offsets provides you with the ability to visualize and measure the emissions generated by your flight and fund projects that reduce, capture, or avoid CO2 emissions. This will provide you with the opportunity to participate in global warming prevention activities.

Customers’ carbon offsets will be used to support projects that compensate for CO2 emissions using carbon absorption or reduction activities made elsewhere. We will send a certificate showing the offset to participating customers.

The JAL Group will continue its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in order to pass on our precious Earth to the next generation.

January 27, 2022
Japan Airlines