Partner Awards


  • It may take longer than usual to send your award if you request it just before or during long holidays.

All of Asia

For JMB Asia members except members from Australia and New Zealand

JMB Travel Coupon Asia Awards
20,000 miles = USD200

Redeem miles for certificates exchangeable for the purchase at appointed travel agency.

East Asia

Hong Kong

AEON Gift Certificate
2,000 miles = HKD100 or 5,000 miles = HKD300

Redeem miles for Gift Certificate and used at AEON Stores in Hong Kong

The Hongkong Japanese Club Voucher
10,000 miles = HKD600 Voucher

Redeem miles for restaurant vouchers at The Hongkong Japanese Club.

Seoul, etc.

  • 6,000 miles = KRW50,000
  • 3,000 miles = KRW20,000

Redeem miles for voucher can be used at "SHINSEGAE" departments and its chain stores.

Taipei, Kaohsiung, etc.

Taiwan UUPON Point Awards
Every 3,000 miles can be redeemed for 2,000 UUPON Points

Redeem miles for UUPON Points that can be used for shopping at a wide variety of collaborative stores in Taipei and other cities.

This partnership will be terminated as of 31 December, 2022.


The Japanese Association Singapore Voucher
10,000 miles = SGD120 JAS Voucher

Redeem miles for voucher can be used at The Japanese Association Singapore.


10,000 miles = 3,000Baht
5,000 miles = 1,000Baht

Redeem miles for gift voucher can be used at "CENTRAL GROUP" Thailand.

The 1 Point Award
5,000 miles = 9,000 The 1 Points

Redeem miles for The 1 Point which can be used variety of shops in Thailand.

This partnership will be terminated as of 31 July, 2022.