The result of golf decides by swing & golf clubs. In Yuji Golf we do have THE solution for you by our original method that neither Japan nor USA. If you are struggling with your golf game, do bring your clubs to get your golf clubs check-up, swing analyze & consultation (Complementary for JAL mileage card holders) Other services include; Yuji Custom-Made Clubs, Golf lessons, Club repairs, Golf Club rentals.

Calculating mileage

Spending SGD 5 = 1 mile

How to accumulate mileage

JMB members residing in Asia and Oceania are eligible.

  1. Please present your JMB membership card and inform the staff you would like to accumulate JMB miles upon the payment.
  2. Mileage will be credited to your JMB account approximately 2 months after your application.

For inquiries


Tel : +65-6536-9927

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