Teppanyaki Kigetsu

Teppanyaki Kigetsu

"Kigetsu" are the last months of each season which are March, June, September, and December of the Lunar Calendar. Kigetsu shows the feeling of appreciation for each changing season. In Japanese Kaiseki cuisine, "Season", "Health", and "Respect for ingredients" are 3 of the key ingredients. With Japanese Kaiseki Sprits, we named our restaurant "Kigetsu" as we want our customers to enjoy each dish which fresh seasonal ingredients are used to ensure the best flavor. Even for Japanese, Kaiseki cuisine is profound and hard to understand. However, we truly believe that "Real Happiness" comes from simplicity. Importance of Health, Family, Friends, and Nature are values we do not pay attention to until the day when they are lost. This time, we would like to present the profound Kaiseki cuisine in "Teppanyaki Kaiseki" style to welcome our customers to an easily understandable Kaiseki world. Our dishes are cooked in front of the customers while chef introduces each ingredient. We would like to turn on your 5 senses to experience "True Happiness" hidden in our daily life.

Calculating mileage

Dining and wining fee in Teppanyaki Kigetsu.
TWD 50 = 1 mile

How to accumulate mileage

JMB members residing in Asia and Oceania are eligible.

  1. Mileage will be credited to your JMB account approximately 2 months after the date of payment.
  2. Present your JMB membership card and mention that you wish to accumulate your mileage upon payment


Post-registration of mileage may not be accepted.

For inquiries

Teppanyaki Kigetsu

Address : 6F., No.19, Songgao Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi's Taipei Hsinyi Place A4

Tel : (886-2) 2720-0123

URL : This page will open in a new windowhttp://www.kanpai.com.tw/

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