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KITAMI Explore this charming city by the Sea of Okhotsk


Kitami Mint Memorial Museum

In the early 20th century, 70% of the world's mint was produced in Kitami. Explore the historical legacy of this refreshing herb at Kitami Mint Memorial Museum, set in former factory grounds. Enjoy distillation demonstrations and create your own aromatic cream with menthol and essential oils.

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Kitami Yakiniku Barbecue

Boasting over 70 barbeque restaurants, Kitami is known as the city of yakiniku. Sit down to a meal of juicy meat and fresh vegetables grilled on a charcoal stove, and embark on a discovery of local culinary culture. There's even a festival to celebrate the region’s favorite dish!

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Pierson Memorial House

Once home to an American missionary couple, this immaculately preserved residence is a fascinating example of the fusion of Western and Japanese culture. Slip back in time to the early 20th century as you peruse historical relics, admire classic furniture, and stroll the picturesque grounds.

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Onneyu Hot Springs Village, Kita-Kitsune (Northern Fox) Farm, Aquarium of the North Earth

A charming hot spring town set near three national parks, Onneyu's silky waters offer a respite for travelers after their outdoor adventures. Stop by Kita-Kitsune Farm to meet an adorable troop of Hokkaido foxes, then discover the island's intriguing aquatic life at Aquarium of the North Earth.

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Lake Saroma: Sunsets, Scallops, and Sushi

Hokkaido's largest lake offers exceptional views out to the Sea of Okhotsk, stunning sunsets and bountiful seafood. Stroll or cycle along the perimeter to admire rare flora. Savor gastronomic delights  at nearby restaurants serving scallops and oysters freshly harvested from pristine waters.

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