JAL recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information provided by JAL Mileage Bank members and treats this information with the utmost care. Therefore, only members may request disclosure/changes of the registered information or request awards. Members who wish to entrust another person to do so may register an official proxy via this website. Once your proxy is registered, we will accept the inquiries/requests from your proxy.*
In order to identify the proxy, when the proxy calls JMB Center, we will ask the information registered here. The member assumes all responsibilities for any and all damages from acts of the assigned proxy. JAL will not assume any responsibilities for any and all damages from acts of the assigned proxy.
Important Notice for members registered in the U.S., Canada, Central & South America, and Guam(Please review with care)

* Please note that there are some inquiries/requests that may not be accepted if requested by proxy as follows:

  • ◆Accepted
    ・Award requests
    ・Disclosure/changes/deletion of JMB registered information (except for the ones listed below as Not accepted.)
    ・Checking Mileage balance
    ・Reissuance of JMB card
  • ◆Not Accepted
    ・Withdrawal from JMB
    ・Registration/changes/deletion of proxy
    ・Inquiry/change of password
    ・Disclosure/change of credit card information
  • ◆For JAL Family Club members with addresses outside of Japan
    ・Primary member or family members, if 18 years or older, will be considered proxy for all other family members. Therefore Proxy Registration is not required.
    ・The proxy registered by the primary member will be considered a proxy of all family members.
    ・The proxy registered by a family member will be a proxy for the family member and not a proxy for other family members nor primary member. Therefore he/she can not request award requests by pooling mileage nor change registered address.

Proxy Registration/change/deletion

To register, change, or delete a proxy, please log in to your JMB account and proceed to Proxy Registration/ Change/ Cancellation.

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