Kintan Japanese BBQ

Kintan Japanese BBQ

Kintan is the first Japanese-style Yakiniku restaurant in London. Yakiniku, literally meaning "grilled meat", is one of the most popular dining styles in Japan. They also serve a selection of small hot dishes, salads, rice and noodles which combine seasonal British ingredients with Japanese flavours and cooking styles. Do not miss their happy hour too (For details, please check their website). It's a great deal to sample their food and drinks!

  • *This partnership will be terminated as of 31 March, 2022.

Calculating mileage

1 mile per 1 GBP spent (except service charge)

How to accumulate mileage

  1. Present your JMB membership card at the time of payment and mention that you would like to apply for mileage accumulation.
  2. Mileage will be credited to your JMB account approximately 2 months after your application.
    • *Post registration of mileage may not be accepted.




Address : 34-36 High Holborn, London WC1V 6AE

TEL : 020-7242-8076

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Oxford Circus

Address : 21-22 Great Castle Street, London W1G 0HY

TEL : 020-3890-1212

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