Earn and redeem miles on products  from around the world.JAL Mileage Bank World Market -Hotel Booking Car Rental Net Shopping-

Earn miles on purchases made on
more than 100 international online shopping sites.

  • Earning miles

    How to earn miles

    1. Log in to the JMB World Marketplace using your JMB membership number and password.
    2. After searching for and selecting a partner site, you will be redirected to that site.
    3. Miles will be credited to your account for purchases made on the partner site.
    • *To be eligible for mileage credit, you must log in to your account on JMB World Market and be redirected to the partner site before making your purchase.
      Purchases made on partner sites that are not accessed from JMB World Market are ineligible for mileage credit. Requests for retroactive mileage credit will not be accepted.

    Number of miles credited

    • The number of miles credited will vary depending on the partner site.
      For example,

    Who is eligible for mileage credit

    • Miles will be credited to JMB members who make online purchases after verifying their identity on the JMB World Marketplace.

    Mileage crediting date

    • Miles will be credited to your account within 90 days of the product purchase date.
    • *Miles will be accrued after the cancellation period after purchase and arrival.
    • *If you cancel the product, miles will not accumulate.

    Changing or cancelling a product after purchase

    • Cancellation is subject to the partner site's terms and conditions. Miles are not credited for cancelled products.
  • Notes

    • Services that pass through the JMB World Marketplace are provided by Ascenda, a JAL partner.
      JAL assumes no responsibility for any issues or damages resulting from the use of this service.
    • For other notes and reminders regarding this service, please review the frequently asked questions and the terms and conditions of use found on the JMB World Marketplace.
    • Your JMB membership number, password and One-time Password are required to use the services offered on the JMB World Marketplace.
      To redeem miles, you need to register your email address to JMB account, in advance.

      How to proceed if you cannot log in


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