How to use Seat Availability Check Calendar for award tickets

Whenever you want to travel by using your miles, you can quickly search available seats! Domestic flights: You can search up to 2 months from now! International flight: You can search up to 330 days from now! After finding an available seat, you can quickly reserve the seat!

STEP1Click Seat Availability Check Calendar

After logged in to the JAL Mileage Bank, click "Domestic Award Ticket Seat Availability Check Calendar" under "Award Redemption (Air)" on the menu exclusively for the JMB members.

STEP2Check seat availability

Seat availability by destination in each area is displayed after a departure airport is selected.

What's great about the calendar

  • Display seat availability in three steps in an easily understandable manner.
  • Compare seat availability by arrival airport in each area.
  • Display seat availability up to 2 months from now.
  • *The image is an example only.
  • *There are some restrictions. To use the calendar, please refer to important notice/guides in the domestic flight seat availability check calendar.
  • *The number of available flights is determined based on availability of economy class seats and class J seats.

Let's use the Seat Availability Check Calendar for award tickets!

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