JAL Mileage Bank FAQ

1 What is the validity of mileage?
1 Mileage will be valid through the last day of the 36th month following the month of transaction.
Example: Any mileage earned in December 1, 2008, will remain valid until December 31, 2011.
2 I forgot to mention my JMB membership number at the time of reservation and before boarding. Can post-flight credit be processed?
2 Yes. You may request post-flight credit by sending your airline ticket copy or "e-ticket" passenger receipt and your original boarding passes along with your JMB membership number to the JMB Center, Japan within 6 months after the flight date. For further details, please refer to "How to request post-flight credit".
3 I don't have enough miles to redeem for awards. Can I buy miles with cash?
3 No. You must have required mileage in your JMB account for redeeming award. Otherwise you can not request an award.