LATAM Airlines


LATAM Airlines will be leaving the oneworld alliance on May 1, 2020.
JMB members can continue to accrue Mileage on LATAM Airlines (LA/XL/4M) flights. However, codeshare flights departing on/after May 1, 2020 that are not operated by the LATAM Airlines Group (LA/JJ/XL/4M/LP/PZ) or JAL will be ineligible for Mileage accrual. Please note that FLY ON points with LATAM Airlines (LA/JJ/XL/4M) will not be awarded on/after May 1, 2020

LATAM Airlines (LA/LP/XL/4M)

Lima / Cusco

Economy Class Normal Fare (Accumulation rate 100%)

Miles accumulated 19,992 miles

  1. 1Tokyo (Narita)Japan Airlines
  2. 2Los AngelesLATAM Airlines
  3. 3LimaLATAM Airlines
  4. 4CuscoLATAM Airlines
  5. 5LimaLATAM Airlines
  6. 6Los AngelesJapan Airlines
  7. 7Tokyo (Narita)
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