Time difference converter for reservation deadlines

This time converter for international award tickets and JAL International Upgrade Awards allows you to convert award reservation deadlines to your local time. Please verify the reservation deadline for the award you wish to request and enter it in STEP 1 below.

How to use





How to use
If you live in Japan and will be booking a JAL International Award Ticket on the JAL website for a flight departing from Los Angeles (JL061 departing at 11:50*) on December 1, 2018:
  • *Departure time is subject to change. For the latest schedule, please check the JAL website.
  1. Enter the reservation deadline.
    In the example above, the deadline for new award reservations made on the JAL website is "11:50 on November 29, 2018".
  2. Select the regional time zone of your flight's departure city.
    In the example above, the regional time zone is "US Pacific Time".
  3. Select your current local regional time zone.
    In the example above, your current local regional time zone is "Japan Time".
  4. The reservation deadline will be converted to your current local regional time.
    In the example above, the reservation deadline in your local time is "04:50 on November 30, 2018 (Japan Time)".
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