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Basic Policy

For more than half a century, the JAL Group was supported by our customers and with our customers has grown to what we are now. Our aim has always been "to look through the eyes of the customer". This was to satisfy the ever changing needs and expectation of our customers and to improve our service.

With the UN Decade of Disabled Persons (1983-1992) as a turning point, JAL Group launched a focused efforts to provide safety and comfort to our elderly and the disabled customers.

[JAL Priority Guest Center] has been established since the publication of a service handbook in 1994.

Central concept

Universal Design is our central concept for our efforts in developing and providing products and service. We have introduced this concept to the airport facilities and aircraft cabin specifications.

With the concept of Universal design combines with JAL's "hospitality mind", we want to offer a helping hand to all our customers, and to make products and services, safe and easy for all customers to understand and use.

About JAL's Initiatives

Handling based on Air Carriers Access Act(US DOT PART382)

For flights bound for/from U.S., We provide various services to costomers with disabilities based on the Air Carrier Access Act(ACAA). If you encounter problems traveling with us, feel free to ask our airport personnel for a Complaint Resolutions Official (CRO). Our CRO have been trained specially regarding relevant regulations enforced in U.S.
For more information, or to obtain a copy of the US DOT Part 382 regulations in an accessible format, please visit the web at opens in new window http://www.dot.gov/airconsumer or you may also contact by:

  • (U.S. only)
    Toll Free Hotline For Air Travelers With Disabilities
  • By Telephone to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division
  • By Mail to the Air Consumer Protection Division
    C-75, U.S Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE, West Building, Room W96-432, Washington, DC 20590
Wheelchair storage in cabin

For flights to and from the US(including Guam), space for 1 foldable wheelchair is provided in cabin.
Please contact our airport agent if you want to request for this space. For information regarding the size of the space, the type of aircraft, please contact our reservation center of contact our airport staff on the date of departure.
Please note the fact that this space is not a guarantee, due to reasons such as sudden ship change may occur.

Service Animals

For flight to and from the US (including Guam), you can onboard the flight with Emotional Support Dog and Alert Dogs if you require.
Emotional Support Dog is a companion animal which provides therapeutic benefit to individual with a mental or psychiatric disability. The Alert Dog is a companion animal which trained to alert diabetic owners in advance of low or high blood sugar event before they become dangerous.
You need to contact us, 48hours prior to your boarding and to check the accepting conditions for carriage.

JAPAN JAL Priority Guest Center
OUT OF JAPAN opens in new window Their nearest JAL reservations or sales office.

Becoming Care-Fitters

In an effort to promote Universal Design, JAL staff at all domestic airports began working towards acquiring a care-fitter qualification * in January 2006. In the future, we plan to use these qualified staff as key persons in systematizing high-level care-fitter training in the company.

  • *"Care-fitter" is a concept that originated in Japan. It refers to acquiring particular skills for serving senior citizens and people with disabilities. A care-fitter qualification is awarded by the Nippon Care-Fit Education Institute.

Supporting the Sports for Disabled

The JAL Group is proud and honored to announce its official partnership with Japan Sports Association for the Disabled (JSAD) and Japan Paralympic Committee (JPC) .
JAL has supported sports for disabled since the Torino Paralympic Winter Games, and we will do in the future.

Supporting the Medical travel

We receive many cases of medical repatriation of customers falling seriously ill or getting injured abroad, or medical transportation of customers requiring travel overseas for surgery or medical treatment.
We constantly make the necessary preparations, such as expanding the seat pitch to secure space for the medical equipment and supplying electric power during the flight.

  • *We actively have been supporting the heart transplantation overseas, since the first heart transplant case at Los Angeles in 1994.
    Our skills and knowledge now is based on many special experiences since then.

DOM JAL Smile Support Carefree Jouerneys

Helping customers traveling with babies, expecting mothers and senior customers.

Baby Travel Support Service

Assisting customers traveling with babies and infants.

Expectant Mother Travel Support Service

Assisting pregnant customers to travel in comfort.

Kids Travel Support Service

Assisting children traveling on their own.

Senior Citizen Travel Support Service

Assisting elderly customers.

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* Customers in the U.S. who are deaf or who have a hearing or speech impairment and who use a text telephone (TTY) can call via the National Relay Service by dialing 711. The relay operator at the National Relay Service will assist customers by contacting Japan Airlines. For more information about the National Relay Service, please click below.

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