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Customers with Sleep Apnea Syndrome

This information is for customers who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea syndrome (SAS).It will be an onboard flight guide for customer who is receiving CPAP therapy.

  • *We only accept CPAP machines that is compatible with the PC-power socket provided on board.

Upon Reservation

  • Please contact JAL Priority Guest Center in advance, after reservation.
  • The customer do not need to prepare a Medical certificate for JAL.
  • Please contact JAL Priority Guest Center in advance to advise us the name of the CPAP, product and manufacturer, the model number, size and the battery type.
    *Please be aware that not all CPAP is compatible onboard.

INT Please check in advance if the flight you plan to fly has a PC-power supply.
*Please be aware that not all aircraft provides PC power supplies.

DOM Prior notice needs to be in the reservation record. Please contact [Information & Reservation] or JAL Priority Guest Center as soon as your travel plan is decided.

About an Escort

If operation of medical equipment is difficult on your own, Operation tail attendant will be necessary to have.

For safety reasons, a customer is required to travel with an escort or attendant who can help and assist when boarding, during take-off/ landing, and in an emergency.

DOM Please contact us as soon as your travel plan is decided as for some smaller aircrafts*, there may be restriction for acceptance.

  • *SAAB-340/Bombardier DHC8/Bombardier CRJ200


The escort cannot be accompanied by an infant under 3 years old. In this case, another escort is required to care of the infant.
Also, if customer using CPAP accompanied by an infant and /or a child, please contact JAL Priority Guest Center.

About advance seat selection service

Please advise us if you have any seating preference, such as seat with movable armrests or a seat near lavatory.

  • *We are unable to arrange exit seats due to safety requirements.
  • *Please be advised that seat assignments are subject to change, due to the reasons such as aircraft change.
  • *Please contact us to check if you are eligible for the services you request. Some service is not provided for certain fare types.

Items and Equipment Available in cabin

Guidance of Boarding

About guidelines of check in time

We advise you to come to the airport early with sufficient time. We require checking the CPAP itself visually at the airport.


DOM 1 hour prior to departure

INT 2 hours prior to departure

Please refer to below for details on wheelchair-accessible lavatory and airport facilities.

DOM airport guide

INT airport guide

  • *We offer special check in counter “Smile support counter” for some airports.

Priority boarding service

Priority Guests can benefit from our pre-boarding service. Please contact our staff near the gate for this service.

In the Cabin

INT Precautions when using the onboard PC power supplies

CPAP operational time A PC electric source is not on during take-off, landing and when the aircraft is parked on the ground.
The seat where CPAP can be used Customers need to check if PC-power source is available on the flight intended for booking.
  • *There are aircrafts which doesn’t offer any PC power supplies.
PC power sources The PC electric source is limited to equipment using up to 110V/60Hz/maximum electric power consumption of 75W.
  • *For your safety, if more electricity is consumed than the limit, the electric power for the seat and seats adjoining may be shut down.
  • Onboard PC power supplies is designed to power a PC. It is not suited to power any medical machine besides CPAP.
  • You may only use AC power plug that can be plugged in fully to the power source.
    Please refer to the site to see what plug type can be used.
  • In case of system trouble, or if excess electric power is used, electric supply may shut down without warning.
  • When using a PC electric source, the customer shall use the CPAP at his/her own risk. JL will not be liable for any damage caused.

When using a battery powered CPAP

Please contact us in advance and inform us of the name and the type of battery used.

The customer is required to bring batteries to last the 1.5 times the total schedule flight time.

  • *The size and type of battery will be in line with the onboard safety standard.

Upon Airport Arrival

Please feel free to inquire.

Special assistance request form

Please click on the button that applies to your situation.

Contact Us

Information & Reservation

Daily 05:00-18:00 (Pacific Time)



Outside the US/Canada
(charges apply)


* Customers in the U.S. who are deaf or who have a hearing or speech impairment and who use a text telephone (TTY) can call via the National Relay Service by dialing 711. The relay operator at the National Relay Service will assist customers by contacting Japan Airlines. For more information about the National Relay Service, please click below.

open new windowthe National Relay Serive

Information for JAL Smile Support Service

DOM JAL Smile Support

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