A Guide for Customers with Disabilities JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT

Items and Equipment's Available at the Airport

Check-in Counter for Priority Guests

JAL Smile Support Counters are located in the following airports.

DOM Sapporo(New Chitose), Tokyo(Haneda), Tokyo(Narita), Nagoya(Chubu), Osaka(Itami), Fukuoka, and Okinawa(Naha)

INT Tokyo(Narita)

  • *Normal check-in counter is available except above airports.

Airport Wheelchairs

Please refer to left figure.

  • *The sizes of the width and depth in the table mean the size of seat surface. The height means the height from the floor.

Normal Wheelchairs

  • The color and shape is different for each airport.
Width 400(15.7)
Height 892(35.1)
Depth 400(15.7)
  • *All the sizes in the table are expressed in "millimeter (inch)".
  • *It can be used to enter the cabin.

Wide type wheelchair

  • *Please contact to JAL Priority Guest Center in advance if customers required.
Width 470(18.5)
Height 954(37.5)
Depth 450(17.7)
  • *All the sizes in the table are expressed in "millimeter (inch)".
  • *It can be used to enter the gate.
    It can't be used to enter the cabin.

Full-reclining wheelchair

  • Normal
Width 400(15.7)
Height 1,420(55.9)
Depth 1,085(42.7)
  • *All the sizes in the table are expressed in "millimeter (inch)".
  • *It can be used to enter the cabin.
  • Full-reclining
Width 400(15.7)
Height 590(23.2)
Depth 1,888(74.3)
  • *All the sizes in the table are expressed in "millimeter (inch)".
  • *It can be used to enter the cabin.
  • Equipped airports

Sapporo(New Chitose), Tokyo(Haneda), Tokyo(Narita), Nagoya(Chubu), Osaka(Itami), Osaka(Kansai), Fukuoka, Okinawa(Naha), Kumejima, Miyako and Ishigaki

For other equipment

Mechanical Lift for smaller aircraft

This lift can be used for smaller aircrafts with fold-away steps, where Customer Boarding Lift presently can't be used.

  • Equipped airports

Sapporo(New Chitose), Kushiro, Obihiro, Hakodate, Akita, Hanamaki, Sendai, Yamagata, Niigata, Osaka(Itami), Nankishirahama, Oki, Izumo, Kochi, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Oita, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Tanegashima, Yakushima, Amami, Tokunoshima and Okinoerabu.

Customers Step Car with Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair users are able to move up and down while seated on their wheelchairs.

  • *However, it has the possible cannot be using this lift due to type of aircraft.
  • Equipped airports

Sapporo(New Chitose), Sendai, Tokyo(Haneda), Tokyo(Narita), Osaka(Itami), Fukuoka, Okinawa(Naha) and Ishigaki

  • *This step car is not available depends on the type of aircraft.

Aircraft Boarding Chair (Assist stretcher)

Wheelchair-like device that is used primarily for boarding and deplaning customers with disabilities.

  • Equipped airports

29 airports served by small-sized aircraft, such as Osaka(Itami), Fukuoka, and Okinawa(Naha).

Threshold Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramp will be installed on the threshold of the exit and Customer Boarding Lift for a wheelchair user to move easier and safer across.

  • Equipped airports

Equipped at almost all airports in Japan. (21 airports).

Wheelchair Board

A customer who cannot bend his/her knees due to a plaster or a cast can use this leg support on a wheelchair or while seated (while cruising) to suspend his/her foot (limited to some designated seats).

  • Equipped airports

Equipped at all airports in Japan.

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* Customers in the U.S. who are deaf or who have a hearing or speech impairment and who use a text telephone (TTY) can call via the National Relay Service by dialing 711. The relay operator at the National Relay Service will assist customers by contacting Japan Airlines. For more information about the National Relay Service, please click below.

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