A Guide for Customers with Disabilities JAL PRIORITY GUEST SUPPORT

To ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all customers

To ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all customers, customers with disabilities, illness and injury are treated as Priority Guests at JAL, and are offered various services.
Our airport staff and cabin crew are waiting to assist you so please feel free to contact us for any information. The more information we have concerning any special assistance you may require, the more prepared we can be for your travel with us.

Basic Policy

DOM The contents related to customers of domestic use

INT The contents related to customers of international use

Customers with disabilities

Customers with illness or injury

Guidance of items and equipment


Travel information of other airlines.

  • American Airlines

Special assistance request form

Please click on the button that applies to your situation.

Contact Us

Information & Reservation

Daily 05:00-18:00 (Pacific Time)



Outside the US/Canada
(charges apply)


* Customers in the U.S. who are deaf or who have a hearing or speech impairment and who use a text telephone (TTY) can call via the National Relay Service by dialing 711. The relay operator at the National Relay Service will assist customers by contacting Japan Airlines. For more information about the National Relay Service, please click below.

open new windowthe National Relay Serive

Information for JAL Smile Support Service

DOM JAL Smile Support

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