JAL Group Initiatives to Ensure Safety and Security for All Customers

The JAL Group is currently taking thorough measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to provide a safe and secure environment for all passengers.

Three Basic Initiatives to Provide Safe and Secure Air Travel

The JAL Group strives to respond to customer requests and provide services tailored to individual customers. Based on the following three policies, we will provide our customers with the assistance they need while thoroughly preventing the spread of COVID-19.
With quarantine measures strengthening,entry restrictions have become stricter in many countries.
The situation is changing on a daily basis so please check for the latest information in advance.
Entry restrictions for each country quarantine Measures

1. Maintaining a Hygienic Environment

The most important challenge in the face of COVID-19 is to create a hygienic environment. The JAL Group has long been making efforts to provide customers with a hygienic in-cabin experience. JAL ranked second in the SKYTRAX "World's Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness 2019". In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we are making further efforts to improve cleanliness and hygiene. We are working to create a hygienic environment in all areas, including airports, lounges and aircraft, in order to provide greater safety and security.

JAL Group Initiatives

  • We disinfect airport facilities and items such as wheelchairs and communication boards prior to customer use.
  • In-flight equipment and supplies, including communication boards, safety instructions in braille, and in-flight wheelchairs are also provided and thoroughly disinfected before and after use by each customer. Also, we have disinfectant wipes on board for passengers to use if they have any concerns.
  • Airport and in-flight staff are regularly disinfecting their hands to ensure customer confidence in their dealings with Japan Airlines staff.
  • The special assistance counter at Haneda Airport has antiviral processing so it can be used with more peace of mind. (Antiviral processing plans to expand gradually.)

2. Appropriate Measures to Prevent Infections

If you or your family members have mobility issues, you may be concerned about not only basic infection-prevention measures, but also measures against infectious diseases, as staff members may need to support you at a close distance. Therefore, our second initiative is to implement appropriate infection prevention measures.

JAL Group Initiatives

  • In order to prevent crowding and thereby minimize the risk of infection, we leave a sufficient gap between the end of priority boarding and the beginning of standard boarding.
  • All staff members wear masks when communicating with customers. If you find it difficult to hear their voice, please let them know so that they can speak more slowly.

3. Providing Information in a Timely Fashion

In addition to creating a hygienic environment and taking appropriate measures to prevent infection for each and every customer, the JAL Group places importance on the provision of prompt and appropriate information as our third initiative.

JAL Group Initiatives

  • In order to ensure that information is accurate, we strive to promptly provide information on the measures taken by the JAL Group and airports to prevent infectious diseases in a manner that meets customer needs. Communication boards are also available at the airport, so please feel free to ask any questions you have about measures taken towards preventing infectious diseases.
A new travel experience with safety as our number one priority

Responding to Customer Situations

Customers Who Require Hearing or Speech Assistance

Airport and cabin

All of our staff wear face masks, but if you rely on lip-reading to communicate it might be hard to obtain information. To alleviate this, we have some communication tools such as communication boards.


We will give you an information card with the content of inflight announcements if necessary.

Customers with Vision Impairment

Airport and cabin

The staff will verbally explain our measures to prevent infection, such as staff PPE, protective screens, disinfection of items (life vests, braille versions of the safety instructions), etc.

If you request to be guided by our staff, we recommend you wear gloves and hold the staff member's shoulder or elbow. Staff will wear gloves and support you by holding your wrist rather than your hand. In addition, we may ask you to wear gloves depending on your needs and circumstances.

Customers Who Request Mobility Assistance and Wheelchairs

Airport and cabin

To avoid close contact, we may ask customers to transfer themselves to/from seats if they can stand by themselves, or ask the person accompanying them to assist if possible. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


When we provide support for wheelchair transfers, we not only disinfect our hands in advance, but also wear sterilized gloves when requested by customers. Also, we are careful to avoid close contact when talking to you.

In addition, in order to prevent infection, we will support you from the side, rather than from the front.

*If there is a risk of falling we may support you from the front or back when transferring to/from a wheelchair.


When flight attendants provide support for transferring to/from an in-cabin wheelchair, we will disinfect our hands in advance and wear gloves. We also can wear a medical protective gown if you request it. In addition, we will maintain social distance as much as possible when speaking with customers.

People with a Cognitive, Developmental or Mental Health Disability

Airport and cabin

Some people may feel uneasy about the "new normal" situation, such as wearing a face mask. Staff will speak slowly to make it easy for customers to understand. Also, if you have difficulty wearing a face mask, you can use substitutes such as face shields.

Substitute examples:
  • face shield
  • handkerchief
  • bandana
  • scarf

For customers traveling with babies or small children


We will thoroughly disinfect our hands in advance if we are requested to hold and take care of your baby. If we are requested to heat your baby's food, we will make sure to wear sterilized gloves.

To enjoy a safe and secure flight

The JAL Group is tirelessly working to ensure flight safety and security for its customers. Therefore, we would like to ask for our customers' cooperation so we can provide a safe and secure flight for everyone. Prior to travel we request that customers go through the following checklist.

Before Your Travel

This is a checklist before you fly with us. Please check it to have safe and secure air travel.

Pre-Travel Checklist

Have you taken you temperature?

Please refrain from traveling if you have a fever of 37.5℃ (99.5℉) or higher.

Are you feeling well?

Even if you do not have fever, please refrain from traveling if you feel sick.

Have you prepared a face mask?

Please wear a face mask at the airport and on board (except when eating and drinking). If it is difficult to wear a mask for medical reasons, please notify airport staff so that alternative arrangements can be made, such as face shields.

Do you need assistance to cut inflight meals?

As a general rule, flight attendants will not provide this service, in order to maintain the hygiene of inflight meals. If you need assistance to cut your inflight meal, please make this known as early as possible, ideally when making your reservation.

Request for customer cooperation

The following is a summary of matters that we would like to ask for your cooperation with at airports and on board to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We apologize for any inconvenience, but appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  • Please keep your onboard luggage to a minimum to prevent congestion onboard. If you have a lot of baggage, please consider using JAL's Airport Baggage Delivery Service.
    JAL Airport Baggage Delivery Service
  • In order to minimize contact, if the person accompanying you is able to support you in storing your baggage in the cabin and transferring to/from a wheelchair, please ask him/her to assist wherever possible.
  • Please manage your medical devices on board by yourself.

And finally...

We are committed to ensuring that all customers enjoy safe and secure air travel. We want to protect the smiles of all our customers. We are looking forward to welcoming you onboard.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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