Beverages / JAL Premium Economy Class In addition to meals served on standard Economy Class, you can enjoy something extra special, such as champagne, Japanese Shochu, light snacks and more.

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  • *Inflight meals must be consumed during the flight.
  • *Meal will be served 1 hour after take off.
  • *Meal for flights departing midnight and JL720 will be served 2 hour and 30 minutes before arrival.
  • *Please be reminded that above stated timing of service may change in occasion, such as weather condition.

Alcoholic beverages

Wine and spirits list

Japanese Shochu "Tomi-no-Hozan"

This is a Shochu made from selected "Kogane Sengan" sweet potatoes cultivated by exclusively contracted local farms. The potatoes are carefully polished and brewed using a low temperature management method. The distillery is very particular about the "koji" as well and has its own rice brewing room, rare for Shochu makers. Just enough rice for one year of Shochu production is stored in its natural state with the hull left on, then polished right before its usage as "koji". This Shochu is a masterpiece, with a clean aroma that evokes citrus fruits. Savor its robust sweetness and "umami" derived from the sweet potatoes.

Vollereaux Brut Reserve N.V.

This delightful Champagne is reminiscent of a biscuit-like complexity that can only be found in France's Champagne region, and features a good balance with its fresh fruitiness. The delicate afternote, tender bubbles and acidity all add up to a very amiable experience. This Vollereaux is very compatible as an aperitif with your favorite snacks and nibbles. Enjoy!


JAL's Wine Advisors, wine taster OKOSHI Motohiro, have created original wines for JAL to be served in Premium Economy and Economy Class.
JAL's original wines are blend of five different French wine grape varieties.
Please enjoy attractive rich flavored wine with original designed rabel.

Vollereaux Brut Reserve N.V.
DOUBLE "O" (Red.White)
Remy Martin
Japanese Shochu
Japanese Shochu "Tomi-no-Hozan"
Absolut - Vodka
Bombay Sapphire - Gin
Chivas Regal
Japanese Ume-shu (sweet plum wine)
Japanese Sake
  • *Menu is subject to change. We apologize if your preference is not available.

Notice to drivers

Passengers who need to drive after disembarking should kindly refrain from drinking during the flight. Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and legally prohibited.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Soft drinks

* Photo may not represent actual product.

Cold beverages

  • Orange Juice
  • Apple Juice
  • Tomato Juice
  • JAL original drink
    "Sky Time Peach & Grape MIX"
  • Sparkling Mineral Water
  • Mineral water
  • Coca-Cola
  • Sprite
  • Japanese
    cooled-green tea "Ayataka"

Hot beverages

  • Coffee (JAL CAFE LINES)
  • Green tea
  • Black tea

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