JAL milege can be earned!

Use JAL Cell-phone Rental Service and JMB member can earn mileage.

When you choose "Standard Rental", 2 miles will be credited to JMB member's account for every ¥100 charged to rental and communication (including packet communication fees)

When JMB members who fly JAL Group airlines flights choose either "DOCOMO contractor rental" (for overseas use) or "DOCOMO partnership operator contractor rental"(for Japan domestic use), you can earn uniform 200 miles for each contract.

When JMB members who have plural lines contracts with DOCOMO or DOCOMO partnership phone company use plural rental phones, 200 miles multiplied by number of rental phones will be credited to JMB members' accounts.

How to accumulate mileage

  • Please mention JMB membership number without fail at the time of application for this cell-phone rental service. JMB mileage will be credited to customer¬ís JMB account in
  • about one or two months after billing.
  • Failure to advise JMB membership number will result in mileage being uncredited. Please note that retroactive mileage credit is not allowed.
  • Consumption tax is ineligible for mileage accumulation.