Inflight dining/JAL First Class Your exclusive restaurant in the sky.

Important Notice

With the influence of COVID-19, we will change a part of service style for inflight meals, to provide safety to our passengers. Also, with temporary operational downtime of the catering companies, we will change the menu of inflight meals. Thank you for your understanding.

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  • *Inflight meals must be consumed during the flight.
  • *Passengers can reserve special inflight allergy-friendly meals in advance.
    JAL takes utmost care when preparing meals for passengers with food allergies, however, there may be cases where minute amount of allergens are detected in the meal.
    Please ask our cabin attendants if you have any concerns about our allergy information for our inflight meals.
    There is a limited amount of information that we can provide during the flight. Please choose your meals at your own discretion.

Main menu

  • BEDD, the most luxurious restaurant in the world

    Think of it:a luxurious restaurant with offerings from around the world, flying through the sky. Travel without being disturbed by anyone, with high-flying views of clouds and terrain, while enjoying food artfully prepared by our highly skilled chefs. The last D of JAL BEDD, the name of our flying restaurant that is enjoyed all over the world, refers to the concepts of care-free Dining with Delicious foods and Dream-like comfort. Enjoy a lofty dining experience right from your seat in the sky.

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Flights from Japan

Flights from Tokyo to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Paris BEDD

*Photo may not represent actual product.

Chef of Japanese restaurant "Ishikawa"
Tasty and comfortable. This is our hope from the beginning.
'Kagurazaka Ishikawa' and 'Kohaku' will pursue the best quality which is worth for the pleasant time in the cabin. Please enjoy our collaboration menu which is available only in the JAL first cass.
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*Photo may not represent actual product.

Chef of Japanese restaurant "Kohaku"
The original taste of each ingredients will be brought out by mixing Japan and worldwide seasonal food ingredients.
I am happy as a creator if you find the new awareness such as you find while travelling.
Please enjoy comfortable time.
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*Photo may not represent actual product.

Owner chef of French restaurant "Quintessence"
I have pursed to bring out the uniqueness of the product in order to make its taste most delicious on board. Especially regarding temparture, I kept thinking of a way to serve the most hot dish for customers. Please enjoy.
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Flights to Japan

Flights from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco to TokyoBEDD

*Photo may not represent actual product.

Corporate chef for Japan Airlines
Based on his deep knowledge of local ingredients and cooking techniques both cultivated over his years in the U.S., he puts great emphasis on "ingredients and sauces." Please enjoy this special menu designed by a culinary professional who has impressed gourmets around the world on JAL flights from New York.
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Flights from Paris to TokyoBEDD

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Chef of French restaurant "PAGES"
JAL is serving the original menu which is only available in JAL's cabin by Chef Teshima pursuing essential taste. Chef Teshima creates the cuisine from the multiple points of view by using the familiar ingredients. Please enjoy expected in-flight menu which is made by Japanese chef who makes a great deal of Japanese unique taste.
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Flights from London and Paris to TokyoBEDD

*Photo may not represent actual product.

Owner chef of the Japanese Restaurant "Roketsu" in London.
December 2019 appointed Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador.
Vice President of the Japanese Culinary Academy UK.
Chef Hayashi performed his apprenticeship from the age of 18 to the third owner and chef of "Kikunoi" prestigious and traditional Ryotei which was founded in Kyoto in 1912.
As Sous-Chef in 2004 he participated in the opening of "Kikunoi" in Akasaka, Tokyo. Appointed Head Chef in 2008 of two Japanese restaurants in the Windsor Hotel in Hokkaido, his reputation grew to such a level that he was bestowed the honour of overseeing the Japanese cuisine at various international conferences including the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit.
In 2009, he moved to Europe to promote Japanese Food Culture. In December 2021, he opened his own Japanese Restaurant "Roketsu" in London.
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A la carte

Enjoy your favorite menu at any time.

  • *With the influence of COVID-19, we will stop serving some menus from our a la carte. For details, please search from the In-flight meal menu page.

Flights from Japan

Flights from Tokyo to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Paris

Flights to Japan


Flights from Japan only

BEDD for Kids

Available on routes

From Tokyo to
 New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Paris

Book your menu before flying

First Class passengers can make inflight meal reservations. Choose from Japanese or Western-style cuisine. (First meal only)
Of courese, meal choices can also be made after boarding.

  • On website

    On website

    Before departure, reserve the First Class inflight meal via JAL website.

    Applicable routes

    All routes serviced by JAL

    • *Service not available for Extra scheduled flights and Charter flights. (except for some flights)

    How to make a reservation

    Visit the JAL website and click the "Service Selection (Seat,Meal)" button for your flight on the Booking Details screen.
    Meals may be ordered on the "Optional service" screen when booking a new ticket.

    Step1Press the "Request special meal"

    Click the "Request special meal" button on the Booking Details screen.

    Step2Select your desired meal

    Select your desired meal from the pulldown menu, then click the "Continue" button and proceed to the next screen.


    The inflight meal you selected will be shown in the Flight information on the Booking Details screen.
    To make a change, follow the same process.

    Reservation deadlines

    25 hours prior to international flight departure (local time)

    • Available inflight meals
      Passengers can choose from four types of meals: Japanese and Western.
      • *Reservation is available for the first meal.


    The inflight meal reservation service is not available in the following situations:

    • The passenger has reserved a special meal that cannot be reserved on JAL website.
    • The passenger has booked a tour package (group tour)
    • The booking was not made by JAL (e.g. by travel agency or other airlines).
    • The booking includes a flight whose schedule has changed*1
    • The booked flight has been cancelled
    • The passenger has booked codeshare flights operated by JAL but bearing a flight number of another airline
    • Flights in waitlist
    • *1Please make a reservation after you have been informed of schedule changes.
  • On phone

    On phone

    Please book your meal through your travel agent or check the menu of your flight below and submit your request online.

    opens in new windowJAL International Information & Reservation Desk

    • *Reservation is accepted up to 24 hours before the flight departure time.

Special dietary requirements

We offer an extensive array of tempting special meals for those with health or religious dietary requirements. Please feel free to tell us your dietary needs!

Special in-flight meals

JAL Ethical Choice ~Meal Skip Option~

Before departure, visit JAL website and select "No Meal".

JAL Ethical Choice ~Meal Skip Option~

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