[On/after November 16, 2017 (Japan Time)]
Ticketing Service Fee for International Ticket (Other than in Japan Region)

Ticketing Service Fee is applied for international ticket transactions performed at Japan Airlines reservation centers and ticketing counters other than in Japan Region. TSF amount will be changed as below on/after November 16, 2017 (Thu) (Japan Time).

Ticketing Service Fee on/after November 16, 2017 (Japan Time)

Place of ticket issuance TSF Amount (New Ticket Issue/Ticket Change)
U.S.A. USD 50
Canada CAD 50
U.K. GBP 40
Switzerland CHF 45
Other Europe EUR 45
Russia EUR 45
East Asia*1 CNY 150
HKD 350
TWD 1,400
KRW 30,000
Indonesia IDR 650,000
Singapore SGD 60
Australia AUD 60
Guam USD 50
Philippine USD 50
Vietnam USD 50
Malaysia MYR 200
Thailand THB 1,500
India*2 INR 3,000
  • *1 Currency of the place of ticket issuance shall apply.
  • *2 In India, TSF is not applicable to new ticket issuance, but to changes only.

TSF amount for tickets with domestic flights only (including tickets with fares such as oneworld Yokoso/Visit JAPAN Fares) will be announced separately.

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