Frequent asked questions about how to use the new web booking function.

FAQ (International Flights /JMB Program)

  • Q:I would like to make a reservation by direct flight, but only the connecting flights are displayed.

    A:In the "Flight Selection" screen, the departure time is displayed in order from the earliest flight, the direct flight may within the display.
    If you would like to display only direct flights, please select "Direct Flight" by the Filter flights.

  • Q:Can I change the connecting flight shown at the time of reservation?

    A:It is not possible to change only the partial flights of the displayed transit pattern such as connecting flights.
    If you wish other than the displayed transit pattern, please click "More flights" at the bottom of the screen and check the other connecting flights from the "Modify" button.

  • Q:How can I check the reservation class?

    A:When you select your flight on the "Flight Selection" screen, the "Your itinerary" panel will be displayed on the right side.
    You can check the reservation class by clicking "+ show details" in the itinerary panel.

    • *It is also possible to check the reservation class on the itinerary panel displayed on the screen after the "Flight Selection" screen, the "Confirmation" screen, and the "Retrieve" screen after reservation.

  • Q:Please explain to me about the fare displayed.

    A:In case of Round-trip itinerary, on the "Flight Selection" screen, the fare amount for One-way is displayed.
    When you select your flight, the "Your itinerary" and "Price summary" panel will be displayed on the right side.
    Please check the booking class on the 添our itinerary� panel and the total amount on the "Price summary" panel.

  • Q:What is "Build your own trip" search?

    A:When staying in multiple cities, this search guides you to the cheapest fare availability for your itinerary, flight, and class.

    • *Round-trip and One-way itinerary function is not available.
    • *In case of a connecting flight within 24 hours, please search without dividing.
      (Example) Honolulu → Tokyo → Fukuoka
      Departure : "Honolulu"Arrival : "Fukuoka"

    Please select "Build your own trip" from "For other itineraries" in "Book Flights" on JAL top page.
    For more than one city search, we introduce the details on this following page.

    Search multi-city/stopover itinerary

  • Q:How can I get an e-ticket?

    A:Please click "e Ticket" at the lower right of the reservation details after opening the reservation details.

    Then, please select the e-ticket you would like to print.

  • Q:What should I do if I would like to interrupt the procedure during the booking procedure?

    A:Please stop the procedure with "Exit" button.
    Closing the browser in the middle of the procedure or interrupting the procedure with the back button of the browser might not be able to book a new reservation for a certain period of time.

  • Q:Can I designate a seat "for a passenger accompanied by 2 infants" in the seat map even if I am
    not traveling accompanied by 2 infants?

    A:Yes, passengers who are not accompanied by 2 infants can also select a seat.

  • Q:Can I book a seat after confirming the seat availability in advance?

    A:On the "Flight Selection" screen after searching, you are not allowed to check the seat assignment status. After selecting your preferred flight and inputting passenger information, the seat selection screen will be displayed on the next screen. Please select the seat from the seat map.

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