The Introduction of International Tourist Tax in Japan

Please be informed that International Tourist Tax will be introduced as follows.

Effective Date

Applicable to tickets issued on/after January 7, 2019 (Mon) and for travel on/after January 7, 2019 (Mon).

  • *It will be collected on the ticket along with fares upon ticketing.
  • *It is also applicable when a ticket issued before the above effective date is changed on/after the effective date.

Tax Amount (all airports in Japan)

International Departures:JPY 1,000 (consumption tax not applicable)

  • *Common amount for adult and child passengers.
  • *Passengers who transit/transfer from international flight to international flight within 24 hours will be exempted from this tax when the transit/transfer occurs on the same ticket.

Please refer to the website of National Tax Agency for more details.

National Tax Agency official website

December 13, 2018
Japan Airlines

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