Thank you for your cooperation for on-time operations. JAL was named the world's most punctual airline in the Major International Airlines and Asia Major Airlines and J-AIR in Asia Regional Airlines.  Recognized as the world's top performer for on-time arrival in 2012.FlightStats , Inc examined on-time performance of 29 major airlines.JAL achieved on-time performance rate of 90.35% of its 133,639 flights operated,the top performance of major global airlines.World's No.1 on-time performance rate 90.35%(2012)Major International Airlines Asia's No.1 on-time performance rate 90.35%(2012)Asia Major Airlines Asia's No.1 on-time performance rate 92.58%(J-Air 2012)Asia Regional Airlines World's No.2 on-time performance rate 85.41%(2012)Network - Global Airlines

We express our appreciation for your cooperation for on-time operations.JAL Group continuously strives to ensure on-time operations with top priority on safety to provide customers with a pleasant flight.

We recommend you arrive at the boarding gate with ample time to ensure on-time departure and arrival.

The ‘departure time’ (STD-Scheduled Time of Departure) is the time the aircraft ‘begins to move.’ An aircraft cannot move immediately after passengers have boarded. Only after all the following preparations for departure have been completed, and air traffic control has given clearance, the aircraft can finally start moving. Therefore, if passengers arrive at the boarding gate early, the aircraft can depart on time.

The following preparations must be made after passengers have boarded the aircraft.

Stow carry-on baggage Fasten seat belts Close cabin door Remove boarding bridge Contact air traffic control Departure (Push Back)

In addition, final check of emergency evacuation devices (Door Mode) must be made.

On-time Performance Service Award Ceremony

An Award Ceremony took place on February,19 2013, where we received a trophy from Mr. Jeff Kennedy, CEO of FlightStats Corp.
Encouraged by this award, we will continue to endeavor to maintain quality of on-time operations.

*FlightStats, Inc   Flightstats OPS Awards Site

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Jeff Kennedy, CEO
Flightstats gathers data from multiple global sources including civil aviation authorities, airlines, airports, and travel agent reservation systems, and provides flight status data, airport delay information, and more on its website. Their data is introduced and quoted by overseas media, etc.