ECONOMY CLASS CLASS Menu sample (London-NARITA Route)


We will serve about one hour after taking-off.
Please enjoy traditional Japanese miso-soup.

Beef Stroganoff*


Braised Minced Chicken in Soy Sauce on Steamed Rice

Fresh Salad
Smoked Salmon / Marinated Shrimp / Mediterranean Salad
Japanese Noodles "Udon"

Vanilla Ice Cream

Coffee / Tea / Green Tea

* with Roll & Butter

Snack (Premium Economy only)

We are pleased to offer you any of the following snacks at anytime.
Please contact your cabin attendants.

Snack noodle
Assorted Snacks

Prior to Arrival *We will serve about two hours thirty minutes prior to arrival.

Asparagus Omelet with Grilled Sausage / Croissant / Fruit Yogurt / Fruit Cocktail


Alcoholic Drinks

Wine / Beer / Sake / Whisky / Gin / Vodka / Brandy / Plum Wine

Soft Drinks

JAL Original Drink "SKY TIME" / Blended Fruit Juice / Juice Orange.Apple.Tomato
Coca- Cola / Sprite
Mineral Water

We apologize if occasionally your choice is not available.