For a Pleasant Flight

Before Departure

For passengers with health concerns

To doctors concerned
Passengers not suited for air travel

Passengers with any of the following health conditions please consult the Priority Guest Center in advance.

Heart Conditions: Heart failure, cyanosis, unstable angina, acute myocardial infarction (occurring within the last 6 weeks)
Respiratory Conditions: Breathing difficulties, chronic obstructive lung disease, pneumothorax where the lungs cannot be completely expanded
Other Conditions: Recurring coughing up of blood(hemoptysis)
Acute cerebral apoplexy (occurring with the last 4 weeks)
Air remaining in the central nervous system due to brain examination, etc.
Brain disease brought on by increased intracranial pressure
Serious anemia
Hematoemesis, melena
Serious inflammation of the middle ear(otitis media)
Wounds that have not sufficiently healed (due to head, chest, or abdominal operations)
Pregnant women expecting within 28 days or less
(Permission to fly may be granted based on the testimony of the obstetrician concerned)
Newly born infants less than 7 days old
Infectious diseases where there is a risk of infection to other passengers
Unstable mental illness, alcoholics or other addiction