For a Pleasant Flight

Before Departure

For passengers with health concerns

To doctors concerned
  • Passengers with concerns about their health or who fall into the category of passengers unfit for air travel should consult their physician before flying.
  • Prepare documents including medical certificates, medical history, test results, names of medications being taken, treatment method if condition worsens, and a letter from the physician with his or her contact information (in English for overseas travel).
  • If you have any special requests for your trip, contact JAL's Special Assistance. JAL has set up Special Assistance to help passengers with health concerns and to make advance arrangements and preparations.
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  • Take your regular medications and other usual over-the-counter medicines with you on the plane.
  • Reduce stress as much as possible, and give yourself lots of extra time.
    • (1) Arrive at the airport early.
    • (2) We recommend that you send heavy baggage to the airport by courier. ABC Sky Partners, a member of the JAL Group, specializes in baggage delivery. Click here for details.
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    • (3) Arrange your schedule so that your mind and body are well rested before you travel.
  • Follow the general precautions during the flight and the instructions of your doctor during the flight.
  • If you feel unwell during your flight or trip, do not hesitate to notify the flight attendant, tour conductor, or hotel front desk.
  • Gather information on your destination, including climate, health conditions, medical treatment, religion, cultural customs, and general safety.
  • A credit card and travel health insurance are recommended in case of any illness or injury while abroad.
    Be sure to check the details of the insurance policy.
    You can also apply for the JALCARD, a credit card issued by JAL.
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