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For business or pleasure, JAL is the choice of travelers who fly to 59 destinations in Japan. Voted the “Best Airline in Japan” in 2018, JAL brings the romance back into flying even for a short domestic flights. Catering to the needs and expectations of each passenger, we aspire to deliver the finest service and best value for every flight. We invite you explore the many advantages of booking your next flight in Japan on JAL.

Destinations & Network

  • Nationwide route network
  • Smooth transit and more savings
  • Convenient scheduling
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  • Nationwide route network
    Nationwide route network
    Flying more than 143 routes and to 59 destinations in Japan, JAL empowers you with access to major metropolitan areas, regional cities or even remote island destinations.
  • Smooth transit and more savings
    Smooth transit and more savings
    Even from Okinawa to Hokkaido, you can enjoy easy access throughout Japan and save more with transit discount fares.
  • Convenient scheduling
    Convenient scheduling
    Take advantage of JAL’s domestic flight frequency and scheduling to optimize your travel itinerary.

Special deals & easy purchase

  • Early-bird discounts (SAKITOKU fares)
  • Last-minute savings (TOKUBIN fares)
  • Easy payment by credit card or cash at convenience stores
  • Earn JMB miles
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Ultimate onboard comfort (JAL SKYNEXT flight)

  • Free inflight Wi-Fi
  • Economy Class – award-winning comfort
  • Class J – the relaxation upgrade
  • First Class – the ultimate in JAL hospitality
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  • Free inflight Wi-Fi
    Free inflight Wi-Fi
    Stay connected on your smartphone or PC for free when you fly JAL in Japan.
  • Economy Class – award-winning comfort
    Economy Class – award-winning comfort
    Winner of the Good Design Award of 2014, our genuine leather seats with a slimmer seat back for more legroom continue to win the hearts of passengers with the value of comfort.
  • Class J – the relaxation upgrade
    Class J – the relaxation upgrade
    Relax in a genuine leather reclining seat with leg and head. Features like a table for a laptop and center control console make every flight a pleasure.
  • First Class – the ultimate in JAL hospitality
    First Class – the ultimate in JAL hospitality
    Treat yourself to the JAL First Class experiences including VIP airport services, mind-relaxing space onboard with luxurious seat comfort and seasonal inflight menu designed collaboratively with top restaurants in Japan.
  • Free seat selection
    Free seat selection
    Pre-select your seat for online any time until 15 minutes prior to departure. No extra fees!
  • Free checked baggage allowance
    Free checked baggage allowance
    Check up to 20kg* of baggage per passenger for free. There is no limit to the number of bags.
    *Economy and Class J (First Class free checked baggage allowance: 45kg)
  • Simple JAL Touch & Go boarding
    Simple “JAL Touch & Go” boarding
    Boarding JAL domestic flights is simple and quick. Just scan the 2D barcode on your e-ticket or touch your JMB card/JALCARD at the security checkpoint and boarding gate.
  • Special care and assistance
    Special care and assistance
    For children traveling solo, for the elderly and disabled, for pet travel and the safe transport of your treasured musical instruments, for all the special needs of our passengers, JAL is ready with special assistance and a smile.

Smarter and smoother flying

  • Free seat selection
  • Free checked baggage allowance
  • Simple “JAL Touch & Go” boarding
  • Special care and assistance
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Delightful differences

  • Stylish domestic lounges
  • JAL original inflight shopping
  • Welcome gifts for child passenger
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  • JAL domestic lounges
    JAL domestic lounges
    Take a moment to unwind before boarding at our renovated domestic lounges at major airports. (Access criteria apply.)
  • JAL inflight shopping
    JAL inflight shopping
    From our premium selection to our originally designed items, the JAL inflight shopping experience offers a fascinating choice of gift ideas.
  • Welcome gift for kids
    Welcome gift for kids
    Kids flying with us will never get bored. See how we surprise them with gift ideas.
  • *Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual products/services.
  • *Services and offers are subject to applicable terms and conditions of use, and may not be available on all routes or aircraft.
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