Akita, Japan's mountainous prefecture in Tohoku Region,
offers a true cornucopia of natural beauty and lets you experience rustic life as never before.
Next holiday, how about flying out from the busy life to have a short stay at Akita's local farm house
and enjoy the interactions with the friendly locals?


A sample of 3-day stay and experiences in Semboku City of Akita Prefecture.
Available experiences vary depending on facilities and seasons.

  • Arrive at Akita Airport
  • Lunch
  • Arrive at accommodation
  • Little farm work experiences in an idyllic countryside setting
    E.g. Nawanae (straw rope making), or garlic harvesting
  • Traditional miso-tampo making with host family
  • Dinner
  • Stay at a farmhouse

Garlic harvest in the field

Learn how to cut the stem with a sickle and dig out the garlic carefully to avoid damage. Give hands to the local farmers and appreciate the difficulty of harvesting work.

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Traditional miso-tampo making

Make miso-tampo, a local delicacy of Akita, with the host family. Mash the rice to sticky condition, wrap it around a cedar stick, apply miso paste and bake. So fun, easy and tasty!

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  • Explore the mysterious Lake Tazawa, Goza-no-ishi Shrine and Ukiki Shrine
  • Lunch - local delicacies
    E.g. Yamanoimo (yam) hot pot, or continental cuisine featuring local fresh vegetables
  • Visit the Kusanagi Mansion, with unique L-shaped structure
  • Enjoy onsen at the famous Nyuto Hot Spring Village

Mysterious Lake Tazawa and historic shrines

Visit Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan colored by the legend of Princess Tatsuko, a beautiful girl became the lake's goddess wishing for eternal beauty. The Ukiki Shrine and the Gozanoishi Shrine where Tatsuko is enshrined are popular power spots in Japan.

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Yamanoimo (yam) hot pot

Enjoy this Tsurunoyu specialty consisting of local yam and mountain vegetables seasoned with special miso while sitting around the hearth. Salt-sprinkled Iwana trout broiled over charcoal to crisp perfection is another delight.

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  • Be embraced by the beautiful scenes in Dakigaeri Valley
  • "Tanbo art" (rice paddy art) appreciation
  • Departure from Akita Airport

Dakigaeri Valley

Dakigaeri Valley, which runs about 10km from the Dakigaeri Shrine to the downstream area of the Jindai Dam fed by the Tamagawa river, is one of the most beautiful valleys in Tohoku with its emerald green stream flowing in the deep valley.

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Tanbo art (rice paddy art)

Appreciate the "Tanbo art" (rice paddy art) along the Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway. The "tanbo art" creations on the theme of "Akita dog and the four seasons" are very cute.

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