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What is an open ticket?

An open ticket lets you purchase a seat on the route of your choice without booking a specific flight. With an open ticket, you can qualify for multi-trip discounts like Round-Trip Fares and Business KIPPU even if you only know the schedule of your first flight. It's convenient for travelers who know they'll be flying round-trip but don't know the date of their return, or who want to purchase all their tickets together in advance.

  • *Tickets purchased are valid for a limited time.

Ticket validity

Applicable fares
  • One-Way Fare
  • Child Fare
  • Round-Trip Fare
  • Discount for the Disabled
  • JAL Business KIPPU
  • Shareholder's Saver Fare
  • Care Giver's Saver Fare
  • Special Transit Fare
  • RAC Round-Trip Fare
  • Remote Island Fare

Open tickets using Remote Island, RAC Round-Trip, or Special Transit Fares cannot be purchased online. Please contact JAL Call Center for further assistance.

JAL call center (JAL Reservation & Information)

Open tickets can be purchased online.

Go to JAL Open to select your desired fare and book and purchase tickets.

  • Notes


    Open tickets cannot be purchased via the JAL website in the following cases. Please contact the JAL call center (JAL Reservation & Information) to purchase.

    JAL call center (JAL Reservation & Information)

    • The date and time of the first flight are not yet determined
    • The open ticket will apply to all flight segments in an itinerary
    • The open ticket will use a Remote Island, RAC Round-Trip, or Special Transit Fare

To use an open ticket, you must register your open ticket number upon booking.

Up through boarding date of first flight segment

  • Check the booking for the first flight segment.
  • Select a booking that includes an open ticket, then click the "Change" button for the second segment's open ticket and change it to the desired flight. Once changes are complete, the open ticket will automatically be registered.

Manage booking

After boarding date of first flight segment

  • First, create a new booking. Select a flight with an available seat of the same fare type* as your open ticket and complete your booking.
    • *When booking one leg of a Round-Trip Fare, select "One-Way Fare."
  • Click the "Register Open Ticket" button on the Booking Confirmation or Booking Details screen to register your open ticket for the booked flight.

How to Register Open Ticket

〔Booking Completed page〕

〔Booking Details pase〕

Open Tickets for Disrupted Flights

Open tickets that were converted due to inclement weather or mechanical failure are handled differently.

Open Tickets Resulting from Flight Cancellations

You can view ticket data using e-Ticket Search.
Enter search criteria (confirmation number or JMB member number) to view ticket numbers (required for open ticket registration) as well as expiration dates and usage status.

e-Ticket Search / Display Receipt

If an entire booking is cancelled, you can convert it to an open ticket in lieu of receiving a refund.
Open tickets are a perfect solution if you plan to travel the same route again. They don't require a fee, and you can use them for your next booking.

  • *Only valid until the ticket's expiration date.
  • Choose "Manage booking" from the Domestic top page.
  • On the Booking Details screen, click the "Change or Cancel Booking" button, then click the "Cancel All (Convert to Open)" button on the next screen.
  • Make sure all details are correct, then click the "Complete Cancellation" button. When the confirmation screen appears, click the "eTicket Search" button to check that your cancelled ticket has been converted to an open ticket.


Unused open tickets cannot be refunded via the JAL website.

JAL call center (JAL Reservation & Information)

  • *Ticket refund is accepted no later than 10 days after the ticket validity expired.
  • *Travelers and routes may not be changed. (excluding Business KIPPU return segments)
  • *Open tickets do not guarantee seating. Please book a flight in advance once you know your schedule.
    (Travelers without reserved seats may not be able to board if flights are full.)
  • *If the booked fare and seating class differ from the purchased ticket, the fare difference must be paid.
  • *Some fares are not available on all dates. Please check in advance to see which dates the desired fare is available.
  • *If you wish to earn miles, please enter your Membership Number when you book your flight. If you are flying without a prior reservation, please provide your mileage information at a Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosk or a JAL domestic airport counter.
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