Haneda Airport [Domestic] JAL Express-Tag Service Easy! Smart! Shorter waiting times  at the counter! Step1 First, select your seat Step2 Print Baggage Tags from the baggage tag printing machine Step3 Attach the Baggage Tags to your baggage Check in your baggage quickly at the counter !

What is the JAL Express-Tag Service ?

The JAL Express-Tag Service is a new service that provides passengers with a convenient and comfortable boarding experience by shortening the time required to check in baggage. Before this service was available, all procedures including printing and attaching tags, as well as baggage check-in were handled at the counters. With the new JAL Express-Tag Service, passengers can shorten the waiting time by bringing your baggage to the Express-Tag counter with a baggage tag* already attached.

  • * Passengers must use the baggage tag┬áprinting machines located in front of the counter to print baggage tags and attach them to their baggage themselves.

Board smartly! With Baggage... At the security checkpoint... In flight... Checking in your baggage makes moving around the airport a lot easier !

JAL Express-Tag Service Service details and precautions

Step 1 Complete seat selection before departure

You can also select your seat using the Self Service Check-in and Ticketing Kiosk !

For passengers who have not yet selected their seats.

  • Fares for Individuals
  • Award Tickets

Step 2 Print baggage tags from the baggage tag printing machine

  • - Please check the maximum size and weight of check-in baggage beforehand.
  • - Baggage Tags can be printed for up to six pieces of baggage in one operation.
  • - This service is not available if an international route is included in the itinerary, on codeshare flights, or if there is a connection flight operated by another airline.

Please check the list of cases where service is not available beforehand.

Click here for the baggage tag printing machine operation flow

Step 3 Attach Baggage Tags

baggage claim tag

Please take care to keep your baggage claim tags until you arrive at your destination.

Step 4 Check in at the Express-Tag Counter Up to 20 minutes before departure

Baggage check-in is complete once your baggage is accepted as a check-in baggage by staff at the Express-Tag counter.

JAL cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to baggage that may occur between when Baggage Tags are printed until baggage check-in is complete.

JAL Express-Tag Service
What you need to use this service

Please bring one of the following items;
IC card, Osaifu-Keitai® (the initialized JAL Touch & Go), Two-dimensional barcode or boarding pass.

  • * Osaifu-Keitai® is a registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO, INC.
  • Smartphone
  • IC card
  • Two-dimensional barcode [e-ticket customer receipt]
  • Boarding pass

JAL Express-Tag Service available airports

JAL Express-Tag Service is available at the following airports. Please check the Airport Guide for details.

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