• (1) On some routes JAL offers our services together with other Carriers, placing JAL's designator code on flights operated by other Carriers under code share agreements.
  • (2) For a code share flight operated by another Carrier, JAL will advise Passenger of the identity of the operating Carrier prior to the time of reservation.
  • (3) Passengers traveling on a flight operated by another Carrier may be subject to terms and conditions of the operating Carrier that differ from those of JAL, including those regarding.
    • (a) involuntary rerouting provided in paragraph (B) of Article 7
    • (b) check-in provided in Article 8
    • (c) refusal and limitation of carriage provided in paragraph (A) and (C) of Article 10
    • (d) restriction of acceptance as baggage , free baggage allowance and excess baggage charge and acceptance of animals provided in Article 11
    • (e) cancellations provided in sub-paragraph (2) of paragraph (B) of Article 12
    • (f) For code share flights involving an airport of the United States of America, the tarmac delay contingency plan of the operating carrier governs with respect to any tarmac delay (meaning any delay of an aircraft on the ground at any airport of the United States of America during which passengers are not allowed to deplane).