Unless otherwise provided in JAL's Regulations, JAL will not arrange for, operate or provide ground transportation service within airport areas, between airports or between an airport and downtown areas. Except ground transportation service is directly operated by JAL, any such service will be provided by an independent operator who is not and shall not be deemed an agent or servant of JAL. Even in case a representative, officer, employee or agent of JAL assists a Passenger in making arrangements for such ground transportation service, JAL shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of such independent operator. In the event that JAL operates for a Passenger such ground transportation service, JAL's Regulations including, but not limited to, those stated or referred to in those regulations concerning Tickets, Baggage Checks, value of Baggage or otherwise shall be deemed applicable to such ground transportation service. No portion of fares shall be refundable even in case such ground transportation service is not used.


  • (A) Hotel Accommodation
    • (1) Hotel charges shall not be included in air fares.
    • (2) In the case of scheduled overnight connection on through services, JAL may, at its discretion, bear hotel charges.
    • (3) Upon a Passenger's request, JAL may arrange for a hotel reservation on his/her behalf but will not assure the reservation. Any and all expenses incurred by JAL or its agent in arranging or attempting to arrange for such reservation shall be borne by the Passenger.
  • (B) Arrangements Made by JAL
    In making arrangements for hotel or other services incidental to Carriage for a Passenger, whether or not JAL bears the cost of such hotel or other services and/or of arrangements therefor, JAL shall not be liable for any loss, damage or costs or expenses incurred by the Passenger as a result of or in connection with such hotel or other services and/or arrangement therefor.
  • (C) Inflight Meals
    Inflight meals will, if served, be free of charge, except as otherwise provided in JAL's Regulations.