11. BAGGAGE (H)-(K)

  • (H) Declaration of Baggage the Value of which Exceeds the Limit of Liability and Excess Value Charges
    • (1) A Passenger may declare a value of Baggage in excess of the liability limitation of JAL pursuant to sub-paragraphs (4) and (5) of paragraph (B) of Article 18. In the event that such declaration is made, Carriage of the Baggage to be performed by JAL shall be subject to a charge at the rate of U.S.$2.0 for each U.S.$100 or any fraction thereof as excess value charges with respect to such excess value; provided that the a value of Baggage to be declared by one Passenger shall not exceed U.S.$5,000. If the payment is made in Canada, the excess value charges shall be at the rate of Canada $2.0 for each Canada $100 or any fraction thereof and the value of Baggage to be declared by one Passenger shall not exceed Canada $5,000.
    • (2) Unless otherwise provided in JAL's Regulations, a Passenger may pay excess value charges at the place of departure for a travel to the Destination; provided that, if a portion of the Carriage is performed by any other Carrier which apply different excess value charges from JAL, JAL may refuse to accept an excess value declaration with respect to such portion.
  • (I) Excess Baggage Charge or Excess Value Charge on Rerouting or Cancellation
    Any payment or refund of excess Baggage charge or excess value charge to be made in the case of Rerouting or cancellation of Carriage shall be subject to the provisions hereunder concerning payment of additional fare or refund of fare; provided that JAL shall not make refund of excess value charge in the event that a portion of the Carriage is completed.
  • (J) Collection and Delivery of Baggage
    • (1) A Passenger shall claim and receive his/her Baggage as soon as reasonably possible after it becomes receivable at the Destination or Stopover point.
    • (2) The bearer of the Baggage Check and the Baggage Identification Tag(s) issued to a Passenger when his/her Baggage is checked shall be exclusively entitled to accept delivery of the Baggage; provided that a Passenger who fails to present a Baggage Identification Tag(s) may accept delivery of the Baggage if he/she presents to JAL the Baggage Check and if the Baggage is identified by other means. JAL shall not be obligated to ascertain that the bearer of a Baggage Check and a Baggage Identification Tag(s) is truly entitled to accept delivery of the Baggage. JAL shall not be liable for any damage arising out of or in connection with its failure to so ascertain.
    • (3) If a person claiming Baggage is unable to receive Baggage pursuant to the preceding sub-paragraph (2), JAL will deliver the Baggage to such person only if he/she establishes to JAL's satisfaction that he/she is duly entitled to receive the Baggage and if such person shall, upon JAL's request, provide JAL with adequate security to indemnify JAL from any loss and damage incurred by JAL in connection with such delivery.
    • (4) JAL may, unless precluded by Applicable Laws and if time and other circumstances permit, deliver Checked Baggage to the bearer of a Baggage Check and a Baggage Identification Tag(s) at the place of departure or unscheduled stopping place if he/she requests such delivery. In delivering Baggage at the place of departure or unscheduled stopping place, JAL will not refund any charges paid for such Baggage.
    • (5) Acceptance of delivery of Baggage by the bearer of a Baggage Check and a Baggage Identification Tag(s) without his/her written complaint at the time of the delivery shall constitute prima facie evidence that the Baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of Carriage.
  • (K) Animals
    • (1) Subject to JAL's Regulations and with JAL's prior consent, JAL will accept Carriage of animals such as dogs, cats, household birds and other pets if a Passenger puts those animals into a proper container and obtains valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits and any other documents each required by any state or country to be flown into or over.
    • (2) In the event that JAL accepts Carriage of an animal as Baggage of a Passenger, the animal shall, together with its container and food to be carried, not be included in the free Baggage allowance of the Passenger but shall constitute excess Baggage for which the Passenger shall pay a charge provided in JAL's Regulations.
    • (3) Notwithstanding the preceding sub-paragraph (2), an assistance or service dog accompanying a Passenger with a disability to assist such Passenger together with a container and food will, subject to JAL's Regulations, be carried free of charge in addition to the normal free Baggage allowance.
    • (4) JAL will accept Carriage of an animal subject to the condition that a Passenger shall observe JAL's Regulations and shall be fully responsible for such animal. JAL shall not be liable for injury to, sickness or death of, such animal if and to the extent that such event resulted from the inherent nature of such animal.