• (A) Right to Refuse Carriage, Etc.
    JAL may refuse Carriage of, or remove, any Passenger, and in such case his/her Baggage will be handled in the same way, if JAL determines at its reasonable discretion that:
    • (1) such action is necessary for a reason of flight safety;
    • (2) such action is necessary in order for JAL to comply with Applicable Laws of any state or country to be flown from, into or over or other states or countries concerned;
    • (3)
      • (a) the Passenger falls under sub-paragraph (1) (b) of paragraph (B) of Article 16,
      • (b) the Passenger may unlawfully seek to enter a country through which he/she is in transit by means of destroying his/her documentation required for exit, entry or other purposes or other ways, or
      • (c) the Passenger refuses to accept JAL's request by reason of protecting an unlawful entry to a country that he/she surrenders his/her documentation required for exit, entry or other purposes to be held by a crew member in exchange of JAL's receipt thereof;
    • (4) the Passenger falls under sub-paragraph (3) or (4) of paragraph (B) of Article 11;
    • (5) the passenger or his/her conduct, age or mental or physical condition;
      • (a) requires special assistance of JAL,
      • (b) may cause discomfort or makes himself/ herself objectionable to other Passengers,
      • (c) may cause harm to himself/herself or to other persons or an aircraft or any property;
      • (d) obstructs any crew member in performing his/her duties or fails to comply with any instruction of any crew member,
      • (e) uses portable telephones, portable radios, electronic games or other electronic devices in aircraft cabin without JAL's permission,
      • (f) smokes in aircraft cabin;
    • (6) the Ticket presented by the Passenger is:
      • (a) acquired unlawfully or purchased from an entity other than the issuing Carrier or its Authorized Agent,
      • (b) reported to have been lost or stolen,
      • (c) a counterfeit Ticket, or
      • (d) mutilated, or altered wilfully by a person other than a Carrier or its Authorized Agent, with respect to any Flight Coupon thereof, in any of which cases JAL reserves the right to retain the Ticket;
    • (7) the person presenting a Ticket cannot prove that he/she is the person named in the "Passenger Name" box of the Ticket, in which case JAL reserves the right to retain such Ticket; or
    • (8) the Passenger fails to pay any applicable fares, charges or taxes or may fail to perform a credit arrangement agreed upon between JAL and the Passenger (or the person paying for the Ticket).
      In the case of sub-paragraph (5) (c) or (d) of this paragraph, JAL may take such other measures as JAL deems necessary to prevent the Passenger from continuing such conduct, failure, obstruction or act which measures shall include, but not limited to, restraint of the Passenger.
  • (B) Conditional Acceptance for Carriage
    If a Passenger whose status, age or mental or physical condition may cause any hazard or risk to himself/herself is carried, JAL shall not be liable for death of, or any injury, illness, wounding or disability suffered by, the Passenger or any aggravation or consequences thereof due to such status, age or mental or physical condition.
  • (C) Limitation on Carriage
    • (1) Acceptance of Carriage of unaccompanied Children or Infants, incapacitated persons, pregnant women or persons with illness shall be subject to JAL's Regulations and may require a prior arrangement with JAL.
    • (2) If the total weight of the Passengers boarding, and/or Baggage loaded in, an aircraft may exceed the maximum allowance weight with respect to the aircraft, JAL may, in accordance with JAL's Regulations, decide which Passengers and/or Baggage will be carried.