• (A) Reservation Requirements
    • (1) A reservation shall be confirmed when recorded in JAL's reservation system as accepted.
    • (2) Under JAL's Regulations, conditions applicable to certain fares may limit or prohibit change or cancellation of reservations.
    • (3) A Passenger who holds an unused open-date Ticket or portion thereof, Miscellaneous Charges Order or Electronic Miscellaneous Document, or who wishes to change his/her reservation to another shall not be entitled to any preferential right with respect to making a reservation.
  • (B) Ticketing Time Limits
    If a Ticket is not issued for a Passenger prior to the ticketing time limit specified by JAL, JAL may cancel his/her reservation.
  • (C) Seat Assignment
    JAL may permit a Passenger to reserve a specified seat of a flight in advance; provided that JAL may, without a prior notice, change such seat due to a ship change or other reason.
  • (D) Service Charge When Seat not Used
    A service charge shall, upon JAL's request and in accordance with JAL's Regulations, be paid by a Passenger who fails to use a seat of which a reservation is made.
  • (E) Cancellation of Reservations made by JAL
    • (1) JAL may, at its own discretion, cancel all or a part of the Passenger's reservations if two or more seats are reserved for the same Passenger and if:
      • (a) same section of routes on the same day are reserved;
      • (b) same section of routes on dates in close proximity to each other are reserved;
      • (c) different section of routes on the same date are reserved; or
      • (d) it is reasonably considered that the Passenger can not use all of the seats reserved.
    • (2) If a Passenger fails to use a seat reserved on a flight without giving a prior notice thereof to JAL, JAL may cancel, or request any other Carrier to cancel, his/her onward reservations thereafter. If a Passenger fails to use a seat reserved on a flight of other Carriers without giving a prior notice thereof to such Carrier, JAL may, upon the Carrier's request, cancel his/her onward reservations thereafter.
  • (F) Reconfirmation of Reservations of other Carriers
    In the event that reconfirmation of reservations is required in accordance with regulations of any Carrier other than JAL, JAL may cancel the onward JAL flight reservations thereafter for a Passenger when he/she fails to reconfirm a reservation of the Carrier within the time specified by the Carrier.
  • (G) Communications Charges
    A Passenger shall, unless JAL agrees otherwise, bear any communication expense for telephone, fax or other communication facility (such as internet) used in connection with making or cancelling a reservation.
  • (H) Personal Data
    A Passenger agrees that his/her personal data will be furnished to JAL by the Passenger or his/her agent, will be retained by JAL or, if JAL deems necessary, will be transmitted by JAL to any of its own offices, other Carriers, the providers of travel services, government authorities or other entity or agency in countries to be flown from, into or over, or in countries of transit and transfer, for the purpose of making a reservation for Carriage, obtaining ancillary services, facilitating immigration and entry requirements or making available such data to government authorities or for any other purpose which JAL deems necessary in order to facilitate any convenience of the travel for the Passenger.


A Passenger shall arrive at JAL's check-in counter and the boarding gate, respectively by the time indicated by JAL or, if no time is indicated, sufficiently in advance of the flight departure so that there will be enough time for the Passenger to have check-in and departure procedures completed by the departure time of the flight. If a Passenger fails to arrive at JAL's check-in counter or the boarding gate by the time indicated by JAL or is unable to depart because of improper or incomplete exit, entry or other necessary documentation required for his/her departure, JAL may cancel his/her reservation of a seat and will not delay the flight for the Passenger. JAL shall not be liable to the Passenger for any damage due to the Passenger's failure to comply with the provisions of this Article.