Limited-time offer
Extended through September 30th with expanded coverage
Taking safety and security to the next level

All customers on JAL international flights are
eligible for JAL Covid-19 Cover,
which provides complimentary
COVID-19 support.

JAL has teamed up with Allianz Travel to provide complimentary cover for medical, testing and quarantine costs in the event that our customers test positive for COVID-19 during their travel. A 24-hour support line is available from anywhere in the world where customers can consult when they have suspicious COVID-19 symptoms.
To give you extra peace of mind, we have extended the period and expanded our coverage starting July 1, 2021.
We are committed to support all our customers who need to travel at this time.

Support line available 24 hours a day
for customers with possible
COVID-19 symptoms

JAL Covid-19 Cover Assistance

Support line is available 24 hours a day in English and Japanese (the same contact number is used for both languages).

Calling from Japan [Toll-free]

Toll-free number : 0120-429-256

For inquiries on flight reservations, please contact us here.

Calling from outside Japan [Toll-free]

For inquiries on flight reservations, please contact us here.

Documents required when contacting JAL Covid-19 Cover Assistance

  • Passport, e-ticket, boarding pass, official positive test result if you test positive during your trip

No application required

Test costs, medical expenses,
and isolation expenses are covered
if you test positive for COVID-19 during your travel.

JAL Covid-19 Cover features and conditions

We will support the safety and comfort of all passengers traveling on JAL international flights should they encounter a need for assistance.

Points to bear in mind

To benefit from this service you must contact us in advance. Please make sure to contact JAL Covid-19 Cover Assistance if you have suspicious COVID-19 symptoms prior to any tests and also when you have tested positive.

Eligible customers

Customers taking JAL operated international  flights with JL flight numbers.

Applicable departure dates

Flights* that depart on/after December 23, 2020 and on/before September 30, 2021

  • JAL operated international flights with a JL flight number

What period is covered?

Thirty-one days after the departure date of the first international flight on a JAL operated flight with a JL flight number or upon entering your country of residence, whichever is earlier.

Coverage details

Costs incurred at the destination in relation to a positive test for COVID-19, or isolation when instructed by designated authorities for suspicious symptoms are covered.

Applicable conditions for cover

There are conditions that apply to the coverage. Please check the JAL Covid-19 Cover for details.

  • If you test positive for COVID-19 overseas, JAL Covid-19 Cover will cover the following: assist you in returning to your country of residence, the cost of medical expenses and medication, the cost of isolation expenses in approved facilities. If your first JAL operated international flight departs after July 1, 2021, isolation costs will also be covered for customers who have been instructed by designated authorities to quarantine in an approved facility for being suspected of having COVID-19. For details on the expenses supported by JAL Covid-19 Cover and the cover limits, please refer to JAL Covid-19 Cover Guide, and FAQ.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, please contact the JAL Covid-19 Cover Assistance support line immediately as shown below. Please note that applicable costs will be paid directly to the hospitals, medical centers or other medical facilities, and anything you pay yourself cannot be reimbursed afterwards. Also, any costs not applicable under JAL Covid-19 Cover cannot be paid or refunded.
  • JAL Covid-19 Cover is eligible for 31 days after the departure date of the first international JAL operated flight with a JL flight number you take. If you return to your country of residence within 31 days, your coverage will cease at that time.

JAL Covid-19 Cover Guide (Applicable conditions for cover)