COVID-19: Travel Information Center

International Flights

[Limited-time offer] JAL Covid-19 Cover

Taking safety and security to the next level.
All customers on JAL international flights are eligible for
JAL Covid-19 Cover which provides complimentary support in case of COVID-19 infection.

Information on Flight Schedules and Ticket Handling.

Flight Schedule Adjustments

For information on flight schedule changes, reductions and suspensions due to COVID-19.

Peace of mind travel with free reservation changes

To allow our customers to travel with peace of mind, reservations may be changed free of charge irrespective of the standard fare rules on all current international fares.

Ticket Cancellations/Refunds

For information on canceling or refunding a ticket due to COVID-19.

Important Travel Information

Requests for Passengers

In response to COVID-19, new requirements to wear face masks during the flight and guidelines to help secure ample space between customers and staff at the airport have been announced.

JAL's Measures for a Safe Journey

Information on enhanced safety and health standards in response to COVID-19, including "Air Circulation in Airplanes", "Disinfection of Aircraft Cabin", and "Airport Staff and Cabin Crew to Wear Face Masks" have been announced.

In the Cabin and at the Airport

For information on adaptations in-cabin and at airports in response to COVID-19.

Entry Restrictions, Quarantine, Disinfectant

For information on other travel measures in response to COVID-19.

JAL Mileage Bank

JAL Mileage Bank members, we appreciate your loyalty and have made adjustments to the program in response to COVID-19.

Miles, e JAL Points, JAL Coupons

For information on handling of expired Mileage, e JAL points and JAL coupons.

Extending your FLY ON Status

For information on status protection due to COVID-19.

Crediting bonus FLY ON Points to members with FLY ON status for the 2021 service year

For information on accumulation of bonus FLY ON Points for the 2021 service year

COVID-19 hygiene and safety benchmark

JAL is the first airline in Japan to receive Diamond Certification by APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying (COVID-19 Health Safety Audit for Airlines).

JAL receives 5-star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating from SKYTRAX.