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Eligible Fares

When you fly on eligible routes, flight mileage will be calculated based on the sector mileage*1 and the class/fare used.
*1 Sector mileage is the direct mileage from the origin to the destination of the flight as stipulated by JMB, and is subject to change without prior notice. Please see the "JAL Group International Sector Mileage Table" and "JAL Group Domestic Sector Mileage Table" for details.

  • * Mileage accumulation may be different or may not be applicable for some fares and tickets.
  • * Infant fares, special discounted fares such as travel agent fares or tour conductor fares, tickets

<JAL Group Airlines International routes>
Eligible fares
Mileage accumulation
First Class fares (includes child fares) 150% of sector mileage
Business Class fares (includes JAL Business Saver fares, Spouse fares, Companion fares and child fares) 125% of sector mileage
Normal Economy Class fares* (includes child fares) 100% of sector mileage
Special Economy Class fares (includes APEX, Supersaver, Value, Budget, PEX, JAL Goku, and child fares) 70% of sector mileage
Inclusive Tour fares (applicable for tours such as package tours), Charter flights 50% of sector mileage
  • * Fares booked in K-class will accumulate 70% of sector mileage.

<JAL Group Airlines Japan domestic routes>
Eligible fares Mileage accumulation
Normal fares (includes kaisuuken fares, fares for the physically challenged, child fares, etc) Round-trip discount fares 100% of sector mileage
Discounted Fares (Includes Tokubin Waribiki fares, Bargain fares, etc.) 75% of sector mileage
Individual Inclusive Tour Fares*1
50% of sector mileage
When using Class J with eligible fares An additional 10% of tsector mileage
  • *1 Applies to Japan domestic package tours such as JAL TOURS. (JAL Mileage Bank logo will indicate eligible tours in tour brocures)

  • * For Japan domestic flight sectors included in international tickets, mileage will be credited as 110% for Class J and 100% for regular seat regardless of the accumulation level given above.
  • * For Yokoso (welcome) Japan Airpass and Welcome to Japan fares, mileage will be credited as 110% for Class J and 100% for regular seat.
  • * Inclusive tour fares and group discount fares are not eligible.
  • * Mileage on Class J will not be accumulated when the original ticket is not eligible for mileage accumulation irrespective of payment of Class J Surcharge.
  • * Charter flights are not eligible.

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