Travel Insurance for Visitors to Japan (included in travel costs)

In order to provide reassurance and help our customers enjoy their trip, JAL Flight & Hotel products include travel insurance for visitors to Japan, providing support for hospital arrangements/referrals if you are injured or fall ill during your stay in Japan.

Support provided

The following support is provided for customers during their stay in Japan.

  1. Insurance coverage period
    The cost of treatment provided by a doctor for illness or injury during your stay in Japan (between entering and leaving Japan) is covered.
  2. Upper limit of treatment costs
    Coverage is provided for the actual costs incurred, up to the maximum limit of the insurance (10 million yen).
  3. Treatment can be provided on a cashless basis.
    Contact our 24-hour call center and we will arrange treatment at a nearby medical facility, allowing you to receive treatment without having to pay the facility yourself.
    (Not available in all circumstances. If unavailable, please pay the facility for treatment, and then request the insurance reimbursement via our dedicated insurance claims website upon returning to your home country).

If you are injured or fall ill while traveling, please contact the Insurance Claim Call Center prior to receiving medical treatment in Japan.

Insurance will only cover expenses paid to medical institutions in Japan. Expenses other than those paid to medical institutions in Japan, for example any incurred after you return home, are not eligible for insurance claim payments.
Also, please be aware that expenses for treatment undertaken after leaving Japan are not eligible for insurance payments, even if you started treatment at a medical institution in Japan.

For more details, including what to do if you cannot pay treatment costs, please consult the following site.

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