How to retrieve and print your E-ticket

Step 1

Please click here.

Step 2

American Region JMB Members can log-in with your Membership & PIN Number. (If you are not a JMB member in the American Region, please see below.)

For Non-JMB Members (American Region)
Please fill in the following categories. "Reservation Number" / "Flight Number" / "Date of Departure" / "Passenger Name." Once complete, please click on "View My Reservations."
*Note: "Password from Travel Agent" is not required.

Your Reservation Number is comprised of 6 letters/numbers and is located on your confirmation e-mail.

If you cannot locate the "Reservation Number" on your confirmation e-mail, please contact American Region Reservation Center.

1-800-JAL-FONE (1-800-525-3663)
Open Daily, 5:00-18:00 (PST)

Step 3

Please select the applicable itinerary.

Step 4

Next, scroll down to locate the "Display/Print the E-ticket Passenger Receipts" button. If the button is not present, please try again later.

Step 5

Please click on the "blue" button to view your E-ticket receipt.

Step 6

Your E-ticket receipt will display as follows. Please print and provide the copy at the airport counter.

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