Business Jet / Private Jet Connection & Transfer at any airport in Japan and around the world

JAL has started a service for the charter of Business Jet / Private Jet with transit to and from any airport in Japan and around the world on departure and arrival by the JAL flight, by collaboration with a JAL group, “JAL Business Aviation Co., Ltd.”. 

Each type of aircraft of their fleet accommodates any size of group, from single to a large number, over 30 passengers. It is capable for any customers’ demands, flying to farer destination than the other scheduled flight may take longer to reach, visiting more locations in the limited period for more businesses and securing your privacy and safety.

Fleet of Charter Jet

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Passengers Cabin Range
Up to 6 Passengers Small Cabin Jet approx. 2,000km
Up to 13 Passengers Mid Cabin Jet approx. 6,000km
Up to 19 Passengers Large Cabin Jet approx. 11,000km
Over 20 Passengers Airliner Jet approx. 6,000-11,000km

To book your flight

  1. Contact
    Ask about your trip request, date/time, city from/to, number or passenger etc.
  2. Quote
    Receive the quotation for your itinerary.
  3. Contract
    Sign the charter contract.
  4. Payment
    Full amount to be paid 7 days before the flight to confirm your flight booking.
  5. Flight
    Come and fly with our safe charter service per your itinerary and guide.


JAL Business Aviation Co., Ltd.