Other Services

You earn miles by the services offered by JMB partner companies.
When using the service, please provide your JMB membership number for mileage accual.

  • *Any services at discounted prices will not be eligible for mileage accual.
  • *Retroactive mileage credit is not allowed unless otherwise determined by us.
  • *Miles will be credited to your JMB account in approximately 2-3 months.

JALCARD contract stores

JALCARD contract stores

You can earn double mileage when you shop using your JALCARD at any one of the JALCARD contract stores.
Ai Klean

US$1 = 1 mile
* Miles are calculated based on the service only

Ai Klean provides high-quality professional maid services (including house cleaning at a reasonable price) in the entire South Bay area and other parts of Los Angeles.
The trained Japanese professionals and experts clean your home.

300 bonus miles for first-time customer!