Sea of Clouds at Kunimigaoka, Takachiho


Exploring the sea of clouds at Takachiho - The sea of clouds covering the Takachiho Basin in Kunimigaoka creates a magical landscape

Kunimigaoka has an altitude of 513 meters, and is renowned for its sea of clouds. The best time to see this is early on a cool, clear fall morning when there is no wind. The mists shroud the Takachiho Basin and the mountains around it, creating a world seemingly out of an ink painting. This is also the origin of the traditional "Kariboshikiri Uta" folk song, and the spot offers amazing panoramic views of the five peaks of Mount Aso and the Sobo mountain range. A traditional Kariboshikiri Uta contest is held on the first Saturday and Sunday of October every year, where those confident in their singing ability can display their skills.


About 15 minutes by car from the Takachiho Bus Center. *About 100 free parking quota.
Address :Oaza Oshikata 71-3, Takachiho Town.


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