Obihiro: Straight Road


A straight road that seems to go on forever

With the Hidaka Mountains stretching out to the west at an altitude of 2,000 meters or more, this area offers the kind of views that the vast island of Hokkaido is known for. In Tokachi and Obihiro you will find many straight roads that extend as far as the eye can see across the verdant landscape that pervades these parts.


About 12 minutes by car from Obihiro Airport. Drive from Tokachi-Obihiro Airport to Obihiro direction via Prefectural Route 109, turn right to Makubetsu direction via Toyokoro Nukanai Memuro Line of Prefectural Route 62, upwards to the top of hill then drive and take the view downwards to the Obihiro Itaira/Taisho direction (West).


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