How to change your current 4 -digits PIN to new 6-digits PIN

If your PIN is still 4-digits numbers, in order to enhance security, you are asked to change to a new 6-digits PIN.
Please change your PIN by logging in to JMB member's page from JAL website and simply following the derections.

How to upgrade your PIN

1 Please click a "LOGIN" button in JAL website with your current 4-digits PIN.
2 Please click "OK"button after entering current 4-digits PIN and new 6-digits PIN in designated area.
Do not reveal your new 6-digits PIN to others.
3 Your PIN is duly changed and is effective immediately.
Please login with new 6-digits PIN from next time.
  • For security reasons, we cannot give out PIN over the telephone.
  • PIN is your personal identification number and is necessary for making flight reservations, verifying your mileage balance, requesting awards, or using other services.