Boeing 777-200ER revamped with JAL SKY SUITE aircraft interior. Coming to Nagoya (Chubu) - Honolulu route on February 25, 2017.

  • *Please be aware that both flight schedules and aircraft are subject to change without notice.
  • *Upgrades of 777-200 ER aircraft to "SKY SUITE" design will be done in stages.

JAL SKY SUITE configured Boeing 777-200ER receives Good Design Award 2016.

JAL SKY SUITE configured Boeing 777-200ER receives Good Design Award 2016.

Points of Evaluation (summary from judges' comments)

Given the feature of medium-haul international routes which serves both business and leisure customers, the cabin seats in each class are arranged innovatively.
Especially, usage of space in Business Class is exceptionally outstanding, as the maximum personal space is secured through incorporating an overlapping design in the central seats. Consideration is also given to neighboring passengers, such as installing a movable partition between seats to ensure privacy.
The seat is designed to offer enhanced comfort during the flight through innovative utilization of room in the limited cabin space.


New fully flat seats
New fully flat seat with plenty of legroom to ensure a soothing rest.
Enjoy more comfort and freedom to move with plenty of leg room even with seats fully reclined.

New fully flat seats
Innovative seat design allows for ample legroom even when fully reclined.

Seat layout allows aisle access from every seat
4 across, 1-2-1 configuration.
A liberating layout that provides aisle access from every seat.

Privacy as a priority
Movable dividers ensure privacy and enhance comfort.

Large 17-inch personal screens
Dedicated storage space around the large personal screens for easily stowing belongings.

Pictures may not represent actual equipment.

Seat name
1-2-1 (4 across)
Bed length (max.)
Approx. 198 cm *May vary with seat.
Bed width (max.)
approximately 53cm (when removable armrest stowed: approximately 74cm)
Seat width
Approx. 51–52 cm
Personal screen
17 in.
  • ·New fully flat seat with plenty of legroom to ensure a soothing rest.
  • ·Newly-developed movable armrests (aisle-side armrests) on the interior side for storing small objects.
  • ·A comfortable, personal space with a large stowable tray table perfect for doing PC work and a special compartment for easily storing personal effects.
  • ·Each seat is equipped with a universal PC power supply, USB port, and 3-level adjustable LED lighting.

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Where a comfortable flight ensures a fresh, well-rested arrival.
Premium seats that prioritize functionality and privacy.
The fixed back design (so that the seat in front does not recline back towards you) makes for an even more relaxing and upscale personal space.

Generous seat pitch
Deep sliding fixed back seats that prevent forward seats from reclining towards you create a relaxing personal space.

Robust functionality
Featuring seat dividers that enhance privacy and state-of-the-art personal touch screens.

Pictures may not represent actual equipment.

Seat name
2-4-2 (8 across)
Seat pitch
Approx. 107 cm *Certain seats only
Seat width
Approx. 48 cm (between armrests) *Certain seats only
Personal screen
12.1 in. *10.6 in. for front row seats
  • ·Basic design with the same functions of "SKY SUITE 777" and "SKY SUITE 787".
  • ·A seat pitch and width like that seen in the early days of business class.
  • ·The full array of features, including a plasticbottle holder, cup holder, and large tray table.

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Configuration at 3-4-2 in response to customers' needs
Maximum legroom for better comfort.
Seat configuration was reevaluated to allow groups of 2 to 4 passengers to sit together and make aisle access easier.

New spacious economy
Legroom increased up to 10 cm by expanding seat pitch and making seats thinner.

3-4-2 configuration
Seat configuration allows groups of 2 to 4 passengers to sit together and makes aisle access easier.

Pictures may not represent actual equipment.

Seat name
3-4-2 (9 across)
Seat pitch
Approx. 84-86 cm *Certain seats only
Seat width
Approx. 47 cm (between armrests) *Certain seats only
Personal screen
10.6 in.
  • ·Convenient storage spaces, including mesh pockets next to the screen and across the front of the book holder.
  • ·Each seat is equipped with a universal PC power supply and USB port.
  • ·State-of-the-art personal touchscreen.

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Other Features

Warm-water Toto Washlet
Warm-water Toto Washlet will be equipped in the lavatories in Business Class. (*1).
*1: Toto Washlet: An electronic toilet seat featuring a water-jet function for washing, jointly developed by TOTO LTD., JAMCO Corporation and The Boeing Company. ("Washlet" is the trademark of TOTO LTD.)
New in-flight entertainment system (MAGIC-VI)
Latest in-flight entertainment system-"MAGIC-VI" will be introduced on the SS2. Passengers can use swipe function on personal touch-panel monitor installed with "MAGIC-VI". The simple design creates beautiful screen interface to provide customers with more comfortable and insight entertainment services.

MAGIC-VI screen sample

LED lighting in cabin
The interior atmosphere can be changed to reflect the different season which delivers a relaxing ambience and a feeling of JAPAN. Additionally, the LED lighting can also be adjusted to create appetizing environment during in-flight meal service and provide a comfortable surroundings for sleeping and waking up during the flight.
Wi-Fi service on international flights
In-flight internet service will progressively introduced on Boeing 777-200ER. JAL customers in every cabin class can send and receive emails, update and navigate their social networking service (SNS) etc. by utilizing their own wireless LAN devices during the flight.
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To find a flight using "JAL SKY SUITE" aircraft, go to the Seat Availability Screen that appears after
the search and look for theSS2mark in the Schedule column for that flight.

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