Menu by six young talented chefs.

In-flight Meals Complied by Young Chefs.

Autumn menu (September - November) Supervised chef

Yukino Katsura (French cuisine)

Restaurant Brise verte at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo.Was the first female finalist in the 49th Le Taittinger Prix Culinaire International Competition Japan and has won an array of awards.

Kazutoyo Inoue(Chinese cuisine)

Szechwan Restaurant Chen,
Winner of RED EGG 2016 Grand Prix.
Won the Gold Prize in the Warm Vegetable Appetizer and Seafood Category for the 2004 Japan Association of Chinese Cuisine Competition for Young Chefs.Has participated in and was awarded in a number of competitions.

Available on routes
From Japan (except to Honolulu, Guam, China, Taiwan, Korea, and departing flights in midnight) *Two options are available for main dish on above route excluding Manila service.

*Photo may vary.

The menu image of RED U-35's Chinese Menu.