How to Accumulate Flight Mileage/How to request Post-flight Credit

How To Accumulate Flight Mileage

When making reservations, please provide your JMB membership number.
If you also participate in any of our partners' mileage programs, you must choose the program to which you want your mileage credited by giving only one program's membership number. Duplication of mileage credit between JMB and other mileage programs is not permitted.

Until your mileage has been credited to your account, please keep (a) your airline ticket copy or e-ticket receipt showing your itinerary and (b) your original boarding passes.

Flight mileage should be reflected in your account automatically within one to four weeks.

Mileage balance and activity can be checked in the following ways ;

Japan Region American Region Europe/Middle East/Africa Region Asia/Oceania Region

  • ・ In the JAL Mileage Bank, only one FFP membership number will be acceptable on one reservation record, either a JMB membership number or a JMB partner airlines’ Frequent Flyer program membership number.
    Transferring of mileage accrued from mileage program of other airlines (including JMB partner airlines) to the JMB account or vice versa is not permitted. Furthermore, it is not possible to combine mileage from the JMB account and other airlines’ Frequent Flyer program accounts when redeeming for awards.
  • ・ If your mileage has not been properly credited, you may request post-flight credit within 6 months of the flight.

How to Request Post-Flight Credit

By JAL Web site
Post-Flight Credit for JMB partner airlines flights is accepted from 14 days after boarding, and until 6 months from your flight date.

Post-Flight Credit is also accepted by mail.

Japan Region
Please mail the 3 required documents to the following address.
Mailing address
JAL Mileage Bank Center, Japan
Post-office box 158, Tokyo Ryutsu Center Post office, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-6590

American Region, Europe/Middle East/Africa Region, Asia/Oceania Region
Please mail the 3 required documents to the JMB center of your membership region.
JMB Center This page will open in a new windowAmerican Region, This page will open in a new windowEurope/Middle East/Africa Region, This page will open in a new windowAsia/Oceania Region
  1. (1) Ticket receipt (copy) or e-ticket itinerary/receipt (copy)
    * In case of Jetstar Japan(GK), itinerary issued by GK is required instead of ticket /e-ticket receipt
  2. (2) Boarding Pass (original)
  3. (3) Memo showing your JMB membership number (7 or 9 digits), full name, home address, telephone number and birth date.
  • * As documents sent to the JMB Center cannot be returned to you,
    retain copies of the necessary documents until you can confirm that the mileage has been properly credited to your account.
  • * Post flight credit requests made without submitting the necessary documents cannot be accepted.

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